Posted 9 сентября 2021,, 10:54

Published 9 сентября 2021,, 10:54

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Olga Sviblova: "Art recharges only those who are able to conduct a dialogue with it"

Olga Sviblova: "Art recharges only those who are able to conduct a dialogue with it"

9 сентября 2021, 10:54
Art critic, director of the Multimedia Art Museum Olga Sviblova on the Rules of life YouTube channel spoke about the gift of love - to people and to art.

“People do not love for something. It is happiness to meet people who know how to love.

There are people who do not know how to love. They don't even know how to love their own children.

There are parents who do not know how to love children. This is the gene code, this is physiology, this is the experience of upbringing, and there is happiness - to meet someone who knows how to love. And then you are given ... And, in general, sometimes it is rewarded according to merit, but sometimes - completely and without.

Because the ability to love is a gift, it is not given to everyone. Lucky for those who met those who loved them. Unconditionally. Just because we are.

And the ability to love art is instilled. We must meet with him.

But this also arises, as, you know ... Someone is captivated by this, some are not.

It depends on a huge number of accidents, because there is a huge number of accidents in life, nothing can be added to a textbook.

And if you were lucky in childhood to see, for example, an album ... As a child, I endlessly leafed through Dürer's engravings, apparently someone gave it to my mother; Giotto's book of reproductions, I redrawn them all my childhood.

And my school was wonderful, amazing, it brought me to museums, and my mother brought me to the conservatory when I was four years old. I remember being terribly afraid of the mighty bunch of bearded composers whom I adore today. Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky ... Mom brought me to the ballet.

That is, a person needs to meet art. Someone just has no luck. Usually it is necessary to meet art at a sensitive, sensitive age.

You know, it's like with Mowgli. If Mowgli gets into human society and the child is already over a certain age, then this child, raised by animals, he will no longer speak the human language. None of them.

And this happens with art.

It happens that a person has such (thick) skin that he does not feel. His passion is directed on the other side.

But falling in love with art is not enough. You have to live with it, then it changes you. And your passion for art changes all the time.

But this is a thrill. This is an advantage and a fantastic magical gem that you have right here, under your heart.

And you change, art changes you, your addictions in art change and then art gives you vital energy. And communication with art recharges you.

And this is very important.

But art recharges only those who are able to conduct a dialogue with it. Because art itself is a symbolic subject.

You can, as we know, look at the book and see there... We will not say a word with the letter "f". Someone there sees the music of the spheres, and someone just this..."

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