Posted 10 сентября 2021, 06:17

Published 10 сентября 2021, 06:17

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:38

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Soyuz-2.1v rocket successfully launched from Plesetsk cosmodrome

10 сентября 2021, 06:17
All prelaunch operations and the launch of the Soyuz-2.1v space rocket were carried out in the normal mode. The launch vehicle was launched on September 9 at 22:59 Moscow time from the launcher No. 4, site No. 43 of the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region.

The space rocket was accepted at 23:02 Moscow time by ground-based means of the Main Test Space Center named after Titov Space Forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

It's worth reminding that the launch of a Soyuz-2.1v-class launch vehicle was first carried out from Plesetsk in 2013. Soyuz-2 replaced the Soyuz-U launch vehicles that were in operation in Plesetsk from 1973 to 2012.