Posted 14 сентября 2021, 07:42

Published 14 сентября 2021, 07:42

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Russia of the era of large pot atomization

14 сентября 2021, 07:42
Алина Витухновская
From the point of view of essential ontology, the time has come - this is the best time. If you wanted to see the world as it is - here it is in front of you. The veils of decency, false humanism, a kind of rational primordiality in principle fell from being.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Civilization only held the frame, which turned out to be too fragile, a kind of false application of meanings, shells, which for so long had been taken as a solid foundation. The coronavirus story exposed the helplessness of science, its bias and showed its true role - the role of hostage to the selfish interests of all kinds of unscrupulous businessmen and politicians. The prosperous life was based on shaky compromises and was too vulnerable. The travel ban alone has plunged millions of people around the world into neurotic confusion.

In essence, everything now rests only on the economy. But even she, with her short-term strategies, risks plunging into an unpredictable scenario of a spontaneous market a la Mad Max - a wild field without guarantees and obligations. In addition to the fact that we will see the world as it is, we will see who is who in reality.

Meanwhile, the serious agenda is being replaced by an increasingly pop one. And it is she who becomes political. So in a recent interview with Anastasia Ivleeva, Ksenia Sobchak is not interested in what she says. Not her ostentatious ignorance, with which she gladly trolls the audience, but she is being led. Mironova cries, Prilepin reflects strainedly - morally outdated and monstrously ridiculous.

Interesting is her appearance as a sort of mutant, cold, cellophane, but not "Litvinovski", but on the contrary, some kind of frightening fishy essence. This is a new, purely Russian type of "AntiMonro", a successful blonde who can afford to be ugly, even repulsive, just because she is incredibly rich. In general, the main message of the serf girls of authoritarianism is “We can afford everything. In general, everything".

While Ivleeva and Sobchak shock the audience, bathing in state millions, Vera Polozkova was taken into circulation by lovers of ostentatious modesty, pseudo-elite asceticism and gossip, disguised as "psychological help to women of difficult fate." Sorry for the politically incorrect phrase, but I can’t call such a format otherwise than “baboprop”. The format of the soviet-habalists endured, surviving in any humiliation and poverty. And most importantly, ruthlessly giving birth to children. When the state becomes authoritarian, all these "cutting and sewing courses" are used, and now there is actually an advertisement for reproduction in the face of a national catastrophe.

Many of you, probably, heard from your parents, in a fit of clarification of the relationship, something like - "I ditched (a) my whole life, youth, career, prospects (emphasize the necessary)". And then it is always convenient to reproach the children with a piece of bread. This is the classic passive aggression of social infantiles and a crude manipulative device.

Amazing story, huh? Everyone here owes everyone. But nobody has anything. In the state of infantiles, all adult citizens are either children or grandchildren of the general secretaries, elevated to a cult. And these eternal necropionaries still satisfy their will to power, having children, who are a priori placed in a position even more powerless than the one in which they are themselves.

More about the Ivleeva phenomenon. It is interesting in that this absolutely faded insect type of the girl-gopnitsa is a demonstration, allegedly, of the presence of social lifts in the Russian Federation. The message is simple - "Look, even the" gopnitsa from the district "has achieved this!" And you will achieve, just work and do not rock the boat against the authorities. "Dear Russians" have become like frogs in pots of sour cream. Only in most pots there is no sour cream for a long time. Pot atomization is over.

The Ivleevs and others like them have one indisputable advantage over the Prilepin and others like them. Moreover, it will become an advantage for us, not for them. Those who impose on the Shirnarmass the value of material assets in opposition to the spiritual, one day they can achieve the transformation of these amorphous masses into revolutionary ones. When the people are completely impoverished, and this will inevitably happen, they will go to Rublevka, and the Ivleevs will be thrown to the mercy.

An illustrative story happened with Morgenstern. He released a video about a three-year-old boy with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), for whose treatment he is raising money. The rapper announced the video as "Morgenstern's last video before jail," and stated that the charity fundraising activity began not out of a sincere desire to help, but out of his desire to solve problems with the police. According to the musician, they began to threaten him with planting drugs after an administrative case was opened against him about the propaganda of drugs in videos.

The child turned out to be the son of a law enforcement officer. The moral of this story is simple. Almost all recipients of big money in Russia are hostages of the system, in fact, serfs.