Posted 16 сентября 2021,, 13:48

Published 16 сентября 2021,, 13:48

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Swindlers and charmed on the eve of a red-brown rematch

16 сентября 2021, 13:48
Алина Витухновская
In a village near Sergiyev Posad, a popular gathering took place. About two hundred people surrounded the migrants' dormitory after the rape and murder of a 65-year-old local woman. According to reports, three migrants from Central Asia raped and killed a woman who was returning home from her dacha...

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Now this topic is being actively promoted by Russian nationalists. But something that has already happened more than once will inevitably happen.

Using the formed resentment, the system will once again take under the warm wing of Comrade Major “offended Russian people”.

Of course, the problem of radicalization of religious fanatics, like the problem of illegal migrants, does exist. But. Under the current dictatorship, responding to the challenge, in fact, Russian nationalists carry out what in psychology is called "repressive transference." Because for the authorities, alas, they are the migrants!

And so now I would warn against harsh statements and hasty actions of those politicians whose skills and abilities we may need in the future liberal transformation of Russia.

Meanwhile, The Insider discovered a manor house with a market value of 55 million rubles at the founder of Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky. in the village of Novodaryino along the Rublevsky direction. On the scale of Russian corruption, this is the shed of a middle-class local boss. And Rublevka is just an ugly village.

It looks like the lesheviks grappled with the Yabloko in the "pre-election" Nanai struggle for nonexistent gesheft. For there is no way for them to gain real power. Therefore, they will squeeze the most out of the process, not really hoping for the result. And that is what makes them an affiliate of the system. False representatives of the popular interests.

However, the very technique of playing on the lower "class" feelings, in other words, on ordinary envy, demonstrates the true attitude of the lesheviks towards their voters - as to beggar suckers. That is, no real political instruments have been used or planned in the course of the political struggle. Only primitive wiring schemes are used on emotions followed by predictable impulsive actions.

The fact that the President went into self-isolation at such a seemingly crucial moment signals that the elections are completely secondary. While society is amusing itself with pre-election toys, the authorities are doing what they always do - accumulating resources and taking care of their own safety. As an intelligent predator, she prefers to wait.

I in no way wish to interfere in the affairs of those politicians who formulated their position on the elections and it turned out to be different from mine. But I want to note that paternal condescension in the spirit of "you can be quite sincerely mistaken" towards those who, like me, boycott the elections, looks disgusting. Also, speculations about not only boycotters look disgusting, but also those who, for obvious legal reasons, cannot formulate their political statements directly.

Remarks by politicians like those that someone is “pushing the country to violence” and so on are worse than systemic attacks, because in fact such people surrender their opponents to the system, labeling them as criminals. Not to mention that such remarks are nothing more than cheap speculation. And being honest with ourselves, we must admit that at the moment there are no prerequisites for any radical actions on the part of the population. And no results of the "elections" will change this situation in the near future, no matter what Professor Nightingale is singing to you.

Interestingly, Yeltsin won in no small measure thanks to horror stories about the possibility of the Communist Party coming to power. And now the profane democrats, on the contrary, are bringing the communists into power with the help of the UG. And often these are the same people who in the 1990s portrayed horror and despair on their faces at the mere sound of the word "communist".

There is one more curious moment. For the system of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - absolutely their own. This is so obvious that it is even indecent to talk about it. That is, de facto, UG is beneficial not to Alexei Navalny, but to Vladimir Vladimirovich, although both continue to pose as irreconcilable antagonists.

It is unlikely that the West will understand such a "subtle game". And now he certainly (!) Will not lend a helping hand to the Russians, who themselves brought the communists into power! Live with it now.

To summarize. The mediocre policy of the Navalnists and the fatal public consensus formed around them has led the current Russian regime from glamorous authoritarianism to dictatorship. Removal of people from the squares when the uprising was still possible, the leakage of personal data due to the negligent negligence of Volkov and Co., the exclusion of a wide range of democratic and liberal forces from the media field, the actual formation of its own "opposition" vertical around the figure of Navalny. All this led to the collapse of the opposition movement as a whole. And now there is also a scam with the UG, which will turn a gray dictatorship into a reddish-brown one. Not enough for you? I ask the charmed citizens to soberly and critically reflect on the actions of those whom you have supported all these years. After all, even after making a lot of mistakes, it's never too late to stop, just to stop making them.

The propagandists of the pseudo-opposition are no longer shy and speak in plain text:

“This is not an election. There are no elections. This is a protest. This is a vote for Navalny's party called Smart Voting. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation does not decide anything, like the entire Duma, the parliament does not decide anything else - it is a machine for stamping out the decisions of the Kremlin. Only protest decides", - writes Yevgenia Albats.

That is, in fact, she admits that everything that happens is not at all what it seems. This is not a vote, but another protest action! Wow! But it is not a protest action either! Because in fact, as I noted above, the entire effectiveness of the UG boiled down to the fact that the gray dictatorship turned reddish-brown.

Meanwhile, on the air of the Dozhd TV channel, the second "Freudian slip of the tongue" sounded, and in fact - a sentence to the entire movement, this time - from the director of the FBK (banned in the Russian Federation as an extremist organization - ed.) Ivan Zhdanov. Where he compared the size of electoral funds as one of the most important criteria for the effectiveness of candidates.

And the chest just opened. As always, for your donations you were shown a pseudo-political show under the silly slogans with imitation of protest. And all right, it was all just a commercial scam! It is also beneficial only to the current government and no one else. And its consequences will be fatal.

Professor Zubov has already regained his sight! I quote:

“Yes, in such a Duma there will be no United Russia members, but there will be almost only Stalinists, Chekists, fascists, Crimeanashists, imperialists and thieves like the United Russia members. There will be a corresponding domestic and foreign policy. Is it possible to elect such a Duma, to voluntarily vote for a bunch of scoundrels, this means to support you, dear Alexey Anatolyevich? Is such a Duma, in your opinion, better than the current one? Come to your senses, dear Alexey Anatolyevich, where is your Christian conscience? Where is your Truth before the impartial judgment of God?"

Pure Dostoevshchina, 19th century. Russian society is fascinated and disappointed, like a girl, and everyone is deceiving and betraying it. It seems that once again Russia will see its light through blood and turmoil. Unless, of course, he listens to the voice of his majesty of common sense.

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