Posted 20 сентября 2021,, 07:18

Published 20 сентября 2021,, 07:18

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

New facts of electoral violations: castling of voters and an attack on a divisional election committee member

New facts of electoral violations: castling of voters and an attack on a divisional election committee member

20 сентября 2021, 07:18
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Another summary of violations at the polling stations has been received. Observers across the country are non-stop recording and, more importantly, helping to eliminate them.

According to observers of one of the parties participating in the elections, the Perm Territory (divisional election committee No. 5012, the attempt was suppressed), Sevastopol (here the violators issued a hat-trick, trying to supply 3 polling stations with pre-prepared ballots at once: No. 13, No. 14 and No. 98) and the Astrakhan region, where the advisory vote member saw ...through the window.

Another batch of problems related to the on-site voting came from the Kirov and Astrakhan regions. But Crimea was ahead of everyone with a minus sign, where on the road one of the voters attacked a member of the electoral commission with an advisory vote and hit him on the head with a bottle.

In Tver Oblast (divisional election committee No. 301), Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (divisional election committee No. 428) and Altai Territory (divisional election committee No. 179 and No. 180), employees issued ballots to citizens who did not have voting rights.

In the Moscow region (divisional election committee 2606), 400 ballot papers disappeared into a stationary ballot box. Instead, 400 new ballots were brought to the precinct, but they were intended for KOIBs, which divisional election committees do not have. The police will deal with the loss of the forms.

Bashkiria on September 18 was marked by falsifications in the voter register (divisional election committee 822) and an elective castling - at polling station No. 2871 one voter voted instead of the other.

In several regions at once, according to the information of fair observers, PEC employees do not know how to handle stamps. Incorrectly sealed or already opened safes were found in the Volgograd, Moscow, Tomsk, Sevrdlovsk regions, in the KhMO, the Perm and Altai territories and the Republic of Tyva.

In the Orenburg region (divisional election committeeNo. 1164), observers were deployed under the stairs in an area where they could not catch communications, blocking their view of the site with holiday flags. In the Chelyabinsk Region, at divisional election committee No. 2008, cameras were hung right above the voting booths, and at polling stations No. 2112, No. 2055, 5 mobile ballot boxes were canceled at once.

Of other, more exotic, violations, it is worth noting the ban on the use of party badges (in the same Chelyabinsk region), and the holding of a real lottery with prizes on it from the Orenburg divisional election committee.

St. Petersburg is still in the negative TOP of regions, where a large number of violations are recorded. Here are two prime examples. On the eve of divisional election committee 1809, a very brazen stuffing of ballots was caught on the video.

An even stranger situation with a spy tinge occurred on the territory of divisional election committee No. 1068. Observers browsing the official video surveillance portal came across interesting footage: on the night (apparently, from 16 to 17 September), two women with minimal lighting were opening the safe and shifting some papers ... It is possible that the ballots. Who and what did at night at the precinct will now be investigated by the CEC, where the complaint flew to. However, it is unclear how to do this, because on the 18th the record from the portal had evaporated.

Work at night is becoming a tradition in St. Petersburg divisional election committees. So at the 133 site, fair observers discovered in the morning that some kind of metamorphosis had occurred with the KOIBs. Namely - the seals on the devices suddenly changed the numbers. It is possible that the devices were opened.

In the above-mentioned Astrakhan, physical influence is applied not to KOIBs, but to people. Ruslan Nazarov, a member of the commission with an advisory vote at PEC 238, was attacked right at his workplace. They splashed it with greenery, which was used by the members of the commission, who simply fled in an unknown direction along with the ballot box, which contained 140 ballots.

The piquancy of the situation is given by the fact that this is the same bad site, which for some reason opened yesterday at 5 am. After that, the chairman of the commission, in splendid isolation, began to fill out some documents. Now the woman is expected in the UK for an explanation.