Posted 21 сентября 2021,, 09:04

Published 21 сентября 2021,, 09:04

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After the pandemic Russian companies started to turn to courts more often

After the pandemic Russian companies started to turn to courts more often

21 сентября 2021, 09:04
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This year, the level of conflict in the business environment has risen to a record in Russia: representatives of large business have begun to go to courts much more often.

According to RBC, citing data from the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management and A1 investment company, the level of conflict in Russian business in the second quarter of 2021 reached a record 2.21 points. Previously, the record was the 1.96 index, set in the first quarter of this year. It has become a record for the past four years.

“Among the leaders in terms of the level of conflict are Tuva (+ 112.5%; index 4.50), Moscow (+ 12%; 4.25), Khakassia (+ 166.0%; 3.89), St. Petersburg ( + 50.2%; 3.76), Crimea (-41%; 2.86)", - Kommersant reports.

The smallest number of disputes and litigations between business representatives occurs in four Russian regions, where the index does not grow, but decreases: in Kabardino-Balkaria (-79.2%, the index of conflict index is 0.97), in Tverskaya (-68.5% and 0.31), Murmansk (-45.5% and 0.95) and Kaluga regions (-42.3% and 0.81).

Experts believe that the reason for the explosive growth of the conflict index was the "redistribution of spheres of influence and the change of generations of players". At the same time, the number of the largest companies in the country is steadily falling. Now there are 241 thousand of them, and in 2017 there were 350 thousand more.

The conflict index is derived based on the dynamics of three indicators: the number of lawsuits on corporate disputes; messages in print and electronic media devoted to corporate conflicts; the number of large companies operating in the market.

Earlier it was reported that during the pandemic lockdown, Russian companies were deprived of the opportunity to resolve the accumulated problems in courts, since the courts were closed. In addition, due to the large-scale reform of the judicial system and the massive relocation of courts in many instances, the movement of cases has slowed down. Now the work of Russian courts has almost completely recovered. In addition, with the development of electronic services, the process of filing lawsuits has become somewhat easier.