Posted 21 сентября 2021,, 06:45

Published 21 сентября 2021,, 06:45

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Berlusconi soon will turn 85 years old: he is passionate about politics and loves young girls

Berlusconi soon will turn 85 years old: he is passionate about politics and loves young girls

21 сентября 2021, 06:45
Silvio Berlusconi, who will turn 85 on September 29, will most likely not return to politics: doctors say he is seriously ill. Although the former Italian prime minister himself does not think so. He still "hits" on young girls, drinks a lot, sleeps little and sues his enemies.

Gennady Charodeyev

Berlusconi's fortune is estimated at 7.3 billion euros. His empire includes the largest shops, banks, insurance companies, investment and pension funds, and in the past - even the most popular football club Milan. But he "drove" him to a Chinese tycoon.

Of course, Italians love their "aged macho", and do not forget that he is a major politician in Italy and Europe, four times was the Prime Minister of Italy. Berlusconi is the first multi-billionaire in the history of the country to become the head of the government.

At 85, he is still the leader of Forza, Italia! ("Forward, Italy!"). By the way, in recent months, Silvio has hosted a whole string of politicians and businessmen, and gave them advice on economics and politics. He closely follows the events in the world, was very nervous to learn that the Americans were fleeing from Afghanistan. “What are they doing! - Berlusconi exclaimed. "Now it will thwart all the progress made in twenty years of bloodshed and struggle for stability and security in the world".

And Berlusconi is suing all the time. The Italians have been watching the reports from the trial like an endless series for more than ten years. The former prime minister, speaking at a trial in Milan, once again denied charges of having an intimate relationship with an underage prostitute from Morocco Karima El Mahrug, also known as Ruby.

The scandal began to flare up in early 2011 due to parties with erotic dances "Bunga Bunga" on one of the billionaire's many pitchforks. The investigation suggests that Silvio and his guests may have had sexual relations with party participants, many of whom were prostitutes, including minors.

“I have never slept with Karima. And in general I thought that she was already 24 years old”, - Berlusconi made excuses to journalists.

Party participants in their testimony unanimously stated that nothing particularly reprehensible had happened in Silvio's villa. At the same time, more than 20 girls, including several youngsters, did not deny that they received large sums of money from the "daddy" every month. The judges considered it proven that the money was paid to the girls for intimate services.

The politician is also accused of trying to silence the pianist who witnessed that depraved party. Silvio offered him a bribe of 170 thousand euros. If Berlusconi is found guilty, he faces a prison sentence. Given the old age of the defendant, the sentence will not be carried out.

Berlusconi has been repeatedly accused of having ties with girls of easy virtue and minors. One of the scandals erupted in 2009, when it became known about the politician's relationship with the top model Noemi Letizia. The world learned about this after the politician came to her party on the occasion of the age of majority and presented her with a gold necklace with diamonds worth 6,000 euros.

In March 2020, the news spread around the world that the former Italian prime minister had abandoned his mistress, who was 49 years younger than him, for a new one, who was 53 years younger.

Over the years of his political career, Berlusconi has been prosecuted more than 50 times. The politician was accused of fraud, corruption, bribery, sexual crimes. But no one succeeded in sending him to prison.

As the Spanish newspaper ABC noted, whenever the trial date approached, Berlusconi was hospitalized, and the media prepared an obituary. As soon as the hearing was postponed to another date, Berlusconi immediately felt better. Only at the beginning of September did he again develop atrial fibrillation for several hours. According to the former prime minister's lawyer. Berlusconi, as befits a man of his age, has a whole bunch of chronic diseases and he needs absolute rest.

Meanwhile, Silvio is not particularly worried about the ongoing scandal. According to the Italian press, he continues to "hunt" for young creatures, sometimes still thinking about politics.