Posted 22 сентября 2021,, 12:02

Published 22 сентября 2021,, 12:02

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Relucting narcissists: a psychologist named the reasons why "school shooters" want to kill

Relucting narcissists: a psychologist named the reasons why "school shooters" want to kill

22 сентября 2021, 12:02
The forensic psychologist is sure that the main reason that encourages young people to commit such crimes lies in the flaws in family upbringing.

After the Perm tragedy, in which the first-year student Timur Bekmansurov "distinguished himself", who shot his colleagues, criminal psychologist Elnur Sapayev, who worked a lot with such personalities, named three characteristic features of all "school shooters". It is surprising, by the way, that some of them are not only cured, but are already at large!

The main one is maternal upbringing, a very frequent phenomenon in Russian families, when the child's father either lives separately or does not take part in his upbringing at all because of his “employment”. As a result, children completely focus on their mothers, often imitating them, sometimes in clothes, sometimes putting on some elements of women's clothing or growing their hair. So, one of the shooters put on tights before the raid, explaining this by the cold weather. Many people cut their long hair before going into business. By the way, Bekmansurov looked after his hair, even dyed it periodically.

Another sign: the shooters are obsessed with computer games, so that they stop separating the game from reality when they commit a crime. Bekmansurov, in particular, spent a lot of time behind "shooters". Probably the widespread opinion that computer games are not only not dangerous, but also useful for the psyche of adolescents, is beneficial to representatives of the huge computer industry.

And finally, the last sign is quiet, hidden narcissism, and, possibly, pederasty. Despite the fact that the “shooters”, in the opinion of the collective, do not have obvious problems in society, they themselves, as hidden narcissists and homosexuals, think that there are serious problems, that their classmates do not perceive them adequately. That is why they always seem to be quiet, self-absorbed, uncommunicative, but often proud, arrogant and confident in their rightness. That is why they declare themselves in their manifestos.

Sapaev believes that often the “shooters” prepare for their action for a long time, but there is always an event that pushes them to do so: an almost imperceptible conflict with their peers, or with their mother, or sometimes with their father. It is likely that in such cases they are attracted to a person of the same gender, who rejects them. It is also possible that they decide to start a relationship with girls, but they realize that it is useless, and the girls themselves feel that they are not dealing with a man...

And then the arrows begin to "act".

True, the popular blogger Ilya Valiyev, who publishes this opinion, admitted that he changed the name of the psychologist so that he, if he works with Bekmansurov, would not experience bias. Otherwise, everything is in force: narcissists, obsessed with computer games, latent homosexuals kill in schools and universities, Valiev is sure.

However, there is another point of view. According to media reports, the father of the Perm maniac shooter Timur Bekmansurov fought in Chechnya, Ukraine and Syria. Neighbors say that he earned a living from the war, since there is no normal job for men in their city. Even with the Chechen, I went to work as a mercenary in a PMC and then fought in almost all hot spots, including the Donbass. Since childhood, Timur saw weapons and an example of his father as a real man: several of his father's guns are still kept in this apartment, Timur learned to shoot with them ...

Isn't the environment in which the "world of real men" is cultivated, in which prestige, money and social lift are achieved not by labor, but by murder, became a trigger for the Perm shooter?