Posted 22 сентября 2021,, 11:49

Published 22 сентября 2021,, 11:49

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Supreme Court urged not to jail people for misdemeanors committed due to lack of money

Supreme Court urged not to jail people for misdemeanors committed due to lack of money

22 сентября 2021, 11:49
The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation urged not to put people in a colony for minor crimes, to which the offenders were pushed by poverty and lack of livelihood.

As follows from the definition of the judicial collegium for criminal cases, the court made such a decision after considering a complaint against the verdict of a resident of the Rostov region, who was imprisoned for three years for smuggling cigarettes from Ukraine.

The defendant's defense side noted that the Rostovite committed this crime because he found himself in a difficult life situation. His children were ill, his elderly parents are dependent on him, in addition, his wife does not work. He really repented of what was perfect.

Before committing the crime, he worked as a loader with a salary of eight thousand rubles. After losing his job, he could not get a new job. When he told his friend about the situation, he offered him to transport a batch of cigarettes from Ukraine by boat for a fee. The accused agreed, since he believed that he was facing only administrative responsibility for this crime. However, he was accused of smuggling, for which a completely different punishment is provided.

The Supreme Court ruled to replace his real term with a suspended sentence, RIA Novosti writes. The ruling of the Supreme Court draws attention to the fact that a person is in a difficult financial situation and needs support. "The conclusion of the lower court that the correction of this person is impossible without isolation from society cannot be recognized as legal and justified," the court concluded.