Posted 22 сентября 2021,, 12:39

Published 22 сентября 2021,, 12:39

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Traffic police inspector Konstantin Kalinin explained how he stopped the Perm shooter (VIDEO)

Traffic police inspector Konstantin Kalinin explained how he stopped the Perm shooter (VIDEO)

22 сентября 2021, 12:39
Фото: МВД
Traffic police inspector Konstantin Kalinin told how he managed to neutralize Timur Bekmansurov, who attacked people at the University of Perm.

A video clip with an interview with junior lieutenant Kalinin about the events of September 20 appeared on the MVD Media channel.

As the traffic police inspector said, he learned about the shooting at the university from eyewitnesses, when, together with his partner, he filed an accident near the place of emergency.

“People ran to meet me, shouting 'Help, I need help, they are shooting there”, - said Konstantin Kalinin.

The policeman ran to the university building, from where the shots were heard, in less than a minute. Seeing how students jumped from the second floor, fleeing bullets, he pulled out a pistol.

Having run into the educational building, Kalinin, focusing on the sounds of shots, headed for the stairs. He heard someone descending on it, and stood behind the wall by the stairs. An armed rifleman, Timur Bekmansurov, walked up the steps. He had a gun in his hands.

“As soon as the young man drew level with me, I shouted 'Throw' to him. Then the young man turned around and shot me. After that I opened fire on him, ”he quotes the story of a traffic police inspector from Mediazona.

When Bekmansurov fell, Kalinin ran up to him, fixed his hands, took away his gun, bandolier and knife. Everything happened very quickly - in about one and a half seconds.

The inspector asked why the attacker did this, but he did not answer him. Then Kalinin inquired about the name of the shooter. He gave his name. Bekmansurov complained that he was stuffy and asked to take off his mask. The inspector gave him first aid when the bandages were brought to him.

When people began to descend the stairs, the inspector shouted to them that they needed to help the wounded.

The attack on the Perm university took place on the morning of September 20. Freshman Timur Bekmansurov, who bought a gun and more than 100 cartridges, came to the university with a weapon and started shooting at people. Six people died and dozens were injured. At first, 28 victims were reported, then their number increased to 43.

The attacker survived, he is in a hospital in serious condition. A part of his left leg was amputated up to the shin.

Severely ill patients were sent to Moscow for medical treatment. A criminal case was initiated on the fact of the attack on the university under the article “murder of two or more persons”.