Posted 23 сентября 2021,, 13:39

Published 23 сентября 2021,, 13:39

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Larisa Guzeyeva: "In Russia, a woman to a woman is the enemy number one"

Larisa Guzeyeva: "In Russia, a woman to a woman is the enemy number one"

23 сентября 2021, 13:39
In an interview on the YouTube channel "Tell Gordeeva" actress and TV presenter Larisa Guzeyeva spoke about what she thinks about the problem of violence against women in our country.

“Let's be honest, women are beaten all over the world.

And in America? And in Europe? They are tortured there, there are special shelters for women who are bullied. I think - the percentage (everywhere) is one.

Here (in Russia) a woman to a woman is enemy number one.

Almost all women are on the side of the rapists, not on the side of the victim.

For example, I told my daughter since childhood: a woman is never to blame. Never. Even if she lies drunk on the beach with her legs spread and no panties.

A normal person will just cover her up and take her, drunk, to her room or apartment, and the bastard will use it.

In general, nobody should be touched and no one should be beaten.

A woman is never to blame. She is never a provocateur.

Well, turn away, don't look, I don't know, cover your eyes.

And the neighbors say: “So she's a slut! So she's been like that since her childhood! So her mother is also a slut, and her grandmother too! That's about right!"

And Vasya - and what, Vasya, Vasya is good, well, he drank, really. Well, he beat his mother, well, his mother is also to blame.

We have here a woman to a woman - not a friend, never a comrade. A woman to a woman is an enemy, in general.

Nobody will ever protect you.

There are organizations where very good people work. There are women who have empathy in the first, second and fifth places, who treat everyone well, both insects, and cockroaches, and people as well.

But basically... I can't understand it... Is it because they themselves got used to in their youth and in their mature years? And so they say, here I went through my dorms, and you need it too? Here my husband beat me, and my father kicked me out of the house, and you go in, look, what a princess!

This is all there too. I don't know ... I can't explain it".

The entire conversation with Larisa Guzeeva can be viewed here.