Posted 23 сентября 2021,, 09:00

Published 23 сентября 2021,, 09:00

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"We are waiting for an answer from Buzova": Runet-users are discussing the outfits of the stars at the Met Gala in the USA

"We are waiting for an answer from Buzova": Runet-users are discussing the outfits of the stars at the Met Gala in the USA

23 сентября 2021, 09:00
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Last year, for obvious reasons, the Met Gala Costume Institute Ball, which is considered one of the most significant and striking events in the world of American show business, was canceled in the United States. And this year the event took place: yearning for the outings, the stars "came off" in full.

Provocation and shocking - the second "name" of the Met Gala. By tradition, the theme of the opening ceremony of the ball was announced in advance, this year it sounded like this: "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion". And in the invitations for guests, the dress code had the following decryption: "American independence". How exactly American celebrities imagine independence can be judged by their vestments.

Cara Delevingne's outfit embellished the slogan of combating gender discrimination, and the dress of the congresswoman of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez symbolized a call for tax reform. Meanwhile, Billie Eilish has appeared in the image of the film star of the golden age of Hollywood.

But the most mysterious interpretation of "American independence", of course, was the image of the secular lioness Kim Kardashian, who appeared in a tight outfit that hides her from head to toe, in the literal sense of the word.

Either a "black hole", or a tribute to the BLM movement - the image is open to interpretation. However, in her social networks, Kim later explained: "What could be more American than a T-shirt from head to toe?" Really…

“The lane at the Met Gala is not just a regular lane. This is the best at the forefront. What you see should shock, awe, and confuse you. This should be the one that will spark controversy. And Kim Kardashian did an excellent job with the task, ”fan Kim Candy R. explained on Twitter.

But stylist Larisa Timiryaeva on the PopCornNews portal said the following about Kardashian's outfit:

“As if in contrast to her independent image, we see this image of Kim Kardashian - a woman who looks like a shadow. She herself is not. She does not have a face, but the gender is indicated as a woman. She can only follow someone, apparently, her husband ... Probably, they wanted, thereby, to draw attention to the problem of women who are severely limited in their rights, where a woman lives with a man with a closed face, apparently in the East .. This image is not about style and fashion, but about pressing problems ... "- says the fashion expert.

The Met Gala ball, by the way, was also attended by "our Masha" - tennis player Maria Sharapova. For the publication, she chose a mustard shade of a modest floor-length dress from Gabriela Hearst, as well as Ana Khouri jewelry. And top model Irina Shayk shone in a dress from Moschino, decorated with flowers.

Meanwhile, in Runet, users are actively presenting American stars with "compliments" from the series "freak on freak, freak is driving":

- We are waiting for the return move of Buzova, she, too, will definitely pull something on herself!

- Is it you, my friend Fantomas? (about the image of Kim Kardashian - approx. "NI")

- Stockings are often torn, Kim insured herself!

- Every time I look, and I think: there can be no more idiocy. But I'm wrong every time!

- The circus left - the clowns stayed!

- Is that really cool? Probably, I will never understand this ... Although our Kirkorov could have set the heat there too!

- Compared to our Irka (Irina Shayk - approx. "NI"), all the rest are some kind of shantrop.