Posted 28 сентября 2021, 15:56

Published 28 сентября 2021, 15:56

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Berlin will be ruled by an "iron" lady with a scandalous past

28 сентября 2021, 15:56
Following the land elections held in Germany last week, the former Minister of Family and Youth Franziska Giffay will become the mayor of Berlin.

Before the elections were over, local media recalled the recent scandal surrounding her doctoral dissertation for Frau Giffay. At the Free University of Berlin, where she defended, her doctorate was canceled after it was discovered that the dissertation had been written off. Because of this scandal, Franziska resigned from her position as federal minister. In addition, earlier this sweet woman with an "iron" hand ruled the Neukölln district, known in Germany for its riotous parties and night bars.

Be that as it may, 43-year-old Giffay will take over as mayor of Berlin after the victory of the Social Democrats in regional elections in the German capital. Giffay will replace his fellow party member Michael Müller, who decided not to participate in the election campaign.

“Berlin is one of the most attractive and great cities in the world”, - Giffay told Euronews. “And we have every opportunity for it to add to the list of the most important European platforms for business, technology, culture and creativity in the coming years, and all this in compliance with social and democratic principles”.