Posted 28 сентября 2021,, 12:58

Published 28 сентября 2021,, 12:58

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Irina Mukhina: "The global world as we know it is living out its last days"

Irina Mukhina: "The global world as we know it is living out its last days"

28 сентября 2021, 12:58
Irina Mukhina (Canada), Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, a specialist in the field of AI, digitalization and Big Data, spoke on the Day TV YouTube channel about the "ram of ultra-globalists" with which they are trying to destroy civilization, as well as how everyone can resist destructive processes.

“It seems to me that thinking people, that is, those who can think, and not just listen to TV, they should understand that everything related to what is happening around the pandemic and vaccines is a political decision. It has nothing to do with health.

When I, for example, moved to live in Canada, I had all the vaccinations - from smallpox, and from tuberculosis, and everything else that was done in the Soviet Union. So I was not forced to do it again! This means that Canada has been recognized.

And if now people cannot fly to the same Canada, more precisely, they can fly, but their vaccinations will not be recognized there, and people will have to sit in quarantine - well, that means it has nothing to do with medicine!

These facts helped me to understand last year that all this is a social-digital game, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the health of the population.

It's about profit and the political division of the world into... Well, I don't know, into enclaves. That is, de-globalization is underway.

The global world, as we have known it for the last thirty years, has ended its existence. And now there is an undercover division: who and with whom will be friends, live and develop further.

And it is vaccinations that show us the places where the influence of the West will remain unshakable.

I recently attended a meeting of the Canadian Ambassador to Russia. And she could not give a logical explanation of why Sputnik V vaccines are not recognized in Canada. And no one can give these explanations.

These are the forces of supranational interest that are interested in destroying relations between countries, and this is precisely what they are promoting.

And the only way to counteract this is this: you need people to stop being afraid and start turning on their heads.

People should understand that they are deprived of social guarantees and continue to give them these "boosts", everything has been planned for a long time.

I saw "green passports", which already have 15 places where you can continue to put these "boosts", new stages in the future.

If you go to the website of the World Bank or the Economic Forum in Davos, they have it all written there.

And the ultimate goal of all this, no matter how strange it may sound, is the connection of the living with the inanimate.

Many people know what the "Internet of things" is, but the introduction of the "Internet of people" is also planned. ("Novye Izvestia" talked about this in the article" Chronicle of Dehumanization: From the Internet of Things to the Aggressive Internet of Bodies" - editor's note.)

And Moscow, by the way, is one of the leading cities in the world, for example, in the topic of face recognition.

A person will no longer have any privacy (secrets of personal life - editor's note).

And the main thing is that all this data is transmitted and used to the best of the understanding of those who build all these processes.

That is, if a person wants to remain human, he must at least be responsible for his body.

I know the statistics. 80% of those who died from a popular disease were overweight.

Therefore, people, well, let's lose weight, let's temper, let's start to be healthy.

The average age of these deaths is 84 years for women and 81 years for men. In Canada, 85% of deaths are people who died in nursing homes.

These are real statistics. And everything that is told to us and blown up from the screens, "from the front line"... It is clear that there are victims, but they "had a chronicle", there were predispositions to this. And if you constantly, every six months, put the vaccine, I assure you that the "chronicle" will not get better.

People just have to understand that they have their own natural immune system, and start taking care of it, "pumping" it.

We now generally need to "pump" our intellectual system, our emotional system, and the immune system.

Digitalists, ultra-globalists have created a ram of social and humanitarian technologies that interfere in all national affairs - in the voting process, in the medical process, and in the educational process. This is a battering ram to destroy civilization in the form in which we know it.

A person, if he is a creator, a person, a subject, and not an object of control, he just now has a unique opportunity to deal with all this”.

You can watch the entire interview with Irina Mukhina here.