Posted 29 сентября 2021,, 14:08

Published 29 сентября 2021,, 14:08

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

"Choice-containing product": a selection of jokes about the elections to the State Duma appeared on the Internet

"Choice-containing product": a selection of jokes about the elections to the State Duma appeared on the Internet

29 сентября 2021, 14:08
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Despite the fact that the voting ended 10 days ago, the online community continues to compose and publish new jokes.

Anthropologist Alexandra Arkhipova traditionally collects and publishes anecdotes on her blog about the most important events in the life of the country, since such a reaction of society to them is becoming more and more common, as it was in Soviet times. This series of anecdotes is dedicated to the State Duma elections, which took place 10 days ago and, as usual, were marked by scandals. The first jokes about the elections began to appear even before the three days of elections, and this is an important sign of the reaction of society. However, Arkhipova considers the second sign of an irritated reaction to be no less important. It lies in the fact that even after the elections, jokes continue to be repost and disseminated. However, here is the selection itself, which the author put together:

1. On the eve of the vote, the prosecutor's office once again reminds that the interference of citizens in the electoral process in Russia is unacceptable.

2. Not the elections, but a choice-containing product.

3.- Do you see an election?

- No.

- But here it is, just transparent.

4. What do elections and the Christmas goose have in common? Yabloko (in English the name of the party means "apple" - editor's note) in the ass.

5. A citizen enters the polling booth. It does not come out for a long time. A member of the electoral commission knocks politely:

- You have problems?

- Yes, your pen does not write.

- The pen is writing something, you just put a daw in the wrong box!

6. Ella Pamfilova said that the electoral cameras will still work and will be able to receive thousands of dissatisfied citizens.

7. On the first day of voting, our channel conducted a survey of those leaving the polling stations in order to find out how the seats in the State Duma of the new convocation will be distributed. And here's the data we got:

- are you kidding me? I already sent a photo of the newsletter to my boss - 83%

- other parties - 17%"

8. - Is there any secrecy in electronic voting?

- Yes! We all voted electronically, and we still don’t know for whom.

9. - Why did the pensioners' party lose the elections?

- They didn't have enough money.

10. About electronic voting:

- Do you count the signatures?

- No, we draw it.

11. Husband and wife at the booth:

- Is there a double bottom here?

- No, no. There is only one solid bottom here.

13. - Girl, where did you get such an expensive car?

- I stuffed it!!!