Posted 29 сентября 2021,, 15:10

Published 29 сентября 2021,, 15:10

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Xenophobic creativity: Spain doesn't want to remove Russian names of prostitutes from advertising

29 сентября 2021, 15:10
In a public service advertisement dedicated to the fight against prostitution, all "priestesses of love" were given Russian names.

Psychologist Yulia Diaghileva, who lives in Barcelona, posted on her blog a post about the scandal caused in this country by public service announcements about the inadmissibility of prostitution. That women cannot be bought, that women are not goods or food:

“The idea was good, but it was implemented more than crookedly.

The issued posters depict a board, which is usually placed in front of cafes and menus are written on it, only on this board it is written like “Menu of the day. Main course: Russian virgin plus cocaine".

And then there are names with prices, names are also Russian, well, as the Spaniards see them. Katya, Sofia, Sasha and something else vague.

Russian-speaking women stuffed them into a panama hat on the organization's page, the Russian Embassy demanded an explanation, and publications began to appear in the local press.

Liza Okulova, a journalist, phoned the organizers of the action, where she was naturally told that they didn’t want to offend anyone, it’s a pity that it happened, but no one is removing these posters, why should they be removed, well, they will hang for a few more days.

And someone thinks that advertisers were unsuccessfully creative with a play on words, because on such boards almost in every menu they write "Ensalada Rusa" (Russian salad, such a corpse of Olivier), therefore they shoved "Rusa" into the advertisement.

In the comments on the page of this organization, I read that they are evangelicals, therefore, in general, I would not be surprised if there is xenophobia by convictions.

No matter how many people wrote to them on the page, it seems to me that they do not catch up, what is wrong with this.

What's wrong with that?

To make such a poster, indicating there one nationality, is like making a poster, conventionally, against shoplifting, illustrating it, for example, with a dark-skinned person.

Or, as I once wrote a post here and called one of the admin panels of one immigrant group racist, because she put a picture of a black man on the cover of her group about scammers in Spain. I also didn’t understand what was wrong.

Why can't you do this?

Because social problems, any, have no nationality.

You can see a lot of racial and ethnic diversity within any social problem.

Illustrating a problem with a particular race or nationality is to create a stereotype that will then hit all representatives of this nationality.

And drawing attention to one problem while creating another is a very bad creative person.

Xenophobic crap turned out instead of social advertising, alas..."