Posted 30 сентября 2021,, 11:54

Published 30 сентября 2021,, 11:54

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Extreme for everyone: how Berlin's playgrounds differ from Moscow

Extreme for everyone: how Berlin's playgrounds differ from Moscow

30 сентября 2021, 11:54
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Not only are Berlin venues much more diverse than Moscow ones, and all are custom designed, they are also much more extreme...

Vladimir Guriyev, who lives in Berlin, read on the Web the statement that Moscow's playgrounds are the best in the world, and categorically disagreed with this. In his opinion, they cannot be compared with the Berlin ones:

“They are just different planets. It's like comparing a spaceship and, I don't know, Lada Kalina.

First, the Berlin sites are larger. I did not conduct any special research, but what I saw in the center (and not only in the center) of Moscow is usually a small patch of land near the house. Swing, slide, some cockerel, sandpit. Maybe a couple of retirement fitness machines and beer benches.

Those Berlin sites that I saw are, on average, at least ten times larger in area. And they are normally fenced, unlike in Moscow, and between the fence and, in fact, the contents there is usually a large empty area, where any, even the most playful child, is clearly visible.

The largest children's playground in Berlin is generally five separate playgrounds on a huge field. You will go to one side of the field - the park, to the other - kebab.

Secondly, and this is an inexplicable fact for me, Berlin playgrounds are very different. This, on the whole, is completely different from the Germans. They love procedures and regulations. They love processes. It would seem like the Germans to approve two or three options and go around them.

But no. Each Berlin playground is made as if the people who made it had never seen any other playground.

Of course, there are duplicate elements in there. For example, many playgrounds have wide-seat swings. So that you can lie down. Or a slide when you go down the pipe. Or just a slide. Or a climbing wall (there are usually several of them, if any).

But constructively, in form, these slides and climbing walls are always different. They look like custom made designs. Swing - yes, usually the same, but swing is one twentieth of what is there.

And all the other buildings, houses, donkeys, dinosaurs, slides, five-meter fools that you can climb - they look completely unique.

In Schöneberg there is a playground with a real castle, where you can move from one tower to another through air tunnels (the height is four meters, but you cannot fall). there is a playground in Marienfeld, where you, as a climber, climb up an inclined plane, holding on to a rope (and it is very possible to fall there). Britzer Park has a playground with an artificial waterfall in the center.

And one more fact, inexplicable to me: many children's attractions look very unsafe. I mentioned above a five-meter fool with which you can fall if you climbed on it. There are a lot of such fools. I don’t understand how this works, given that for Berlin, in general, it’s okay to send a six-year-old child for a walk alone if he lives nearby.

Apparently, it is assumed that if a child climbed on such a thing, then he will have enough brains not to fall off it. Or the creators of playgrounds have read Schopenhauer. Or they have good liability insurance.

In short, if you want to, it is quite easy to be crippled on the Berlin playground, and even parents will not help much here, because the most dangerous places are somewhere at the level of four or five meters, you cannot support and insure.

There was a playground in Wilmersdorf with a ten-meter-long kletter-seilpyramide, but now it seems to be closed.

But there is also a good side: these playgrounds are amazingly interesting, even if you are eight or ten.

Well, those who survive live to old age.

Fourth. Many playgrounds have trampolines. This is cool. Even cooler, they even hold up to me. Usually several trampolines are set in a row, and if you are not three, but seven, you can take a run and fly several meters, occasionally pushing off the trampolines.

Fifth. Some playgrounds have water columns.

In short, a specific Moscow playground may be better than a specific Berlin playground, but integrally - no, it is heaven and earth.

There are many good things in Moscow, but when it comes to playgrounds ... you just don't understand what you are getting yourself into, really.

Be proud of the MFC. He is not in Berlin. And shops are closed on Sundays".