Posted 30 сентября 2021,, 08:28

Published 30 сентября 2021,, 08:28

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Those who are not with us are against us! The Large Draft Strategy for the Development of Russia has been published

Those who are not with us are against us! The Large Draft Strategy for the Development of Russia has been published

30 сентября 2021, 08:28
Фото: Alexey84
The adviser to the Russian Defense Minister wrote an extremely entertaining project in which the Russian army and the military-industrial complex will become the center of mobilization and revival of the country's economy.

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu's idea of building millionaire cities in Siberia, as it turned out, received a solid and extensive ideological foundation. It was published in the “Parlamentskaya Gazeta” by Andrey Ilinitsky, an advisor to Shoigu. Novye Izvestia publishes only a small part of the theses contained in Ilnitsky's article “The Time of Big Decisions”, the preamble to which says no less, but the following: “Russia has exhausted the time and social resources of inertial development. The time is coming for Big Decisions and Big Projects...”.


  • the transition to a mobilization economy and partial closure from the disintegrating global world;
  • the decisive importance of the leadership, organizing role of the state;
  • the state takes control of the economic, informational and geographic space of the country;
  • the idea of a single economic plan for the country as a key organizing document for the revival and re-creation of the domestic economy based on the synthesis of the best aspects of state planning and market self-organization;
  • subordination of the financial system to the goals of economic growth, providing the economy with cheap and long money;
  • the new territorial policy is the priority of the state. Rejection of the strategy of megalopolis urbanization ...
  • nationalization of the elites on the principle "who is not with us is against us". Those “who are not with us” must realize that they risk losing everything...
  • security issues are key! This is the basic platform for the implementation of the Large Project and the development of Russia as a whole;
  • the Russian army and the military-industrial complex are the center of mobilization, economic revival, including the principles of control and planning based on the State Defense Order...
  • geosocial policy is strictly linked to the military-territorial structure and security issues of the country ...

This bizarre document ends with these words:

“The essence of the proposed Large Project is the preservation and enhancement of the land and people of Russia. This strategy was put forward by President V.V. Putin in the Messages and enshrined in amendments to the Constitution.

Yes, this is a difficult and even risky business. But this is the historical mission of the Russian authorities during the third decade of the 21st century. To fulfill this mission is a duty to the generations coming to replace us.

The time for Big Decisions has come!"

The full text of this opus can be read here.