Posted 1 октября 2021,, 11:30

Published 1 октября 2021,, 11:30

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Dmitry Iskhakov - about Polina Gagarina: "Until the last moment I believed that we would do without a trial"

1 октября 2021, 11:30
Photographer Dmitry Iskhakov gave a detailed interview for the first time after a divorce from singer Polina Gagarina.

On the YouTube channel "Caution: Sobchak", he talked about the nuances of the reasons for parting with her and why he filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife to resolve issues of meeting with his common daughter Mia.

“…I think that our priorities and values began to diverge. It didn't happen overnight, it didn't happen overnight, of course.

It was all gradual. Somewhere we didn't keep track of something, probably at some point.

You don't analyze everything all the time... You are in some process. We were constantly running around ... The Chinese project, so to speak, broke something, I think so...

Chinese projects have been a very difficult experience. In what sense - twice a week for either two or three months, we flew back and forth.

Moreover, we did not just fly back and forth, we flew to one city, about 11 o'clock, in my opinion, then we got on the bus, went to the station, completely dead by this time, then for two hours we were on a high-speed train, from there again on the bus we got to the hotel, immediately went to the rehearsal, then somehow slept, I don’t understand how. Cool down after all this ... It's also a wild restructuring in time zones.

The next day - a performance, before it - a rehearsal, and at night we fly to Moscow, we go all the same way. Bus, train, bus, plane, and five days later - back to China. It was something special.

I don’t like to complain, I’m a tough guy really. But this was the first time in my life when I "failed" and thought that I needed to drink something soothing. Recover after this... It seems to me that we have been recovering for a year, probably.

Because just flying to the sea, taking a rest, it won't work. We must somehow stop a little, slow down.

This is not to mention the fact that passions were in full swing, they also had to be experienced somehow. Some stages, endless negotiations, suggestions on the way forward.

...We did one thing together. Honestly, I don't want to take on a bigger role than what I played. But it was a common story, I see it this way ... Maybe she will say it differently.

But it seems to me that it was so, because it is a serious emotional energy contribution.

I really dedicated ... I do not regret anything, and it was interesting for me, I am grateful, there are many wonderful, very warm memories.

By the way, the problem is now with the photos, of which I have several archives. You look and think - you will post a photo, they will say, “suffering husband,” says Polina. But the pictures are very cool, I want, as a photographer, to share them, but I don't. But otherwise they disappear, you need to decide what to do with this archive.

... Now I think that maybe it was not necessary to fly all the time. But this is already a subjunctive mood.

Maybe it was necessary not to dissolve so much.

This is generally such a trap in part, but when you love a person, when you are passionate, you have a common cause, a common interest, you do not really think about it.

As, forgive me, a marriage contract, almost no one concludes it, it is not in our tradition to conclude marriage contracts. And then everyone starts biting their elbows, pulling their hair out in all places ... Well, because it's impossible: you are in love, but now, come on, a marriage contract. It's like asking for help before sex about sexually transmitted diseases, although in our time it is probably worth doing this and letting in a little cynicism.

So, our family was such a shape-shifter in this sense. And this is also not very traditional for our country, I also understand this.

But I, how to say, never had a complex on this score. Truth. I earned normally, always, I never had this question. And I was not a gigolo. I didn't feel like some kind of application, really.

I earned enough to respect myself and support my family so that this question does not arise.

We had some common expenses, some separate expenses. Nobody kept track of this. On some things we spent together, someone paid himself. This question was not raised. I participated in everything, and in terms of raising children, holidays ... I feel embarrassed ... I understand that everyone is interested, but to bend your fingers and list what I participated in, what I did not participate in ... Well, somehow it is unworthy...

...She knows that I am globally such a "like" in her direction. I just want and always wanted us to remain friends and do it all in a human, civilized way.

Does not work. Well, it happens.

... Of course it hurts. How can all this not be painful? It hurts in many ways. And it's not just about my personal feelings. But it hurts, including for the children, probably primarily for the children.

I am 43 years old and I am no longer at that age when you are obsessed with yourself and fixated exclusively on your own pleasure, comfort, entertainment, and so on. Moreover, I practically do not have this at all, I am all the time either in the studio, or doing some business.

I still hope, naively, that we can somehow re-establish contact and relationship.

I know that many people who are next to Polina, or with me, our mutual friends, our former mutual friends, guys from the outside, understand that what is happening is not cool and not normal, but I say again, many of this witnesses, in reality it is not Polina who is infringed on her rights at all.

I think that on her part there should also be some kind of goodwill to meet me halfway and not just say I allow you to see my daughter when I want to, in parentheses, but to observe not only her own interest, but also mine, probably.

Moreover, as I have already said, it lies within some completely reasonable limits, there is absolutely nothing in this for which I would be ashamed, or will ever be ashamed, for sure - no.

I am sure that if Mia, when she grows up, watches this interview, she will definitely not be ashamed of it, she will figure it out herself and understand everything.

I understand that the story, unfortunately, has gone far. Everything is very “one-sided”.

... I also hoped (that will do without trial - editor's note) . And I still hope it will work out, maybe. I think to the last that you can always come to an agreement.

In general, in my coordinate system it is wild to live with a person you love, you share sorrows, joys, some difficult moments with him, and then you sue him.

Well, the truth is, it creates a dissonance in my head and, to be honest, I try to somehow come to terms with it, although it is difficult, true, incomprehensible...

We have mediators who can fulfill their role and help us sort this out. These are the lawyers".

You can watch the entire interview of Dmitry Iskhakov here.