Posted 1 октября 2021,, 16:36

Published 1 октября 2021,, 16:36

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Gymnast Artur Dalaloyan called the presentation of BMW X5 to Dina Averina dishonest

Gymnast Artur Dalaloyan called the presentation of BMW X5 to Dina Averina dishonest

1 октября 2021, 16:36
Gymnast Artur Dalaloyan, who won gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, considered it unfair to other Russian athletes to recognize the merits of gymnast Dina Averina at the last Olympics.

At the last Olympics in Tokyo, Dina Averina won a silver medal in a rhythmic gymnast , but she was presented with a BMW X5 car - the same prize was given to the athletes who won gold.

Averina's sister Arina, who was left without medals, received a BMW X3 as an award. Such a prize went to those Russian athletes who won silver and bronze medals.

"Of course, this caused a stormy ... Okay, I will not speak for everyone. I will speak for myself. My first reaction is a slight misunderstanding. On the one hand, the girls deserve what they received. On the other hand, this is not entirely fair. attitude towards those athletes who, for some reason - due to bad luck, injuries or controversial refereeing - did not get into the winners at the Olympics, but remained unnoticed. Unlike the Averins", - the gymnast commented to Sport-Express.

When asked whether he believes that the Russian gymnasts were really sued at the Olympics, the gymnast found it difficult to answer. "Only those who thoroughly understand the rules of rhythmic gymnastics can answer this question. I can't say that about myself. What caught my eye? The Israeli Ashram programs were more complicated. But she made a mistake. In my opinion, rough", - he added he.

According to the gymnast, the judges at the Olympics are unlikely to "enter into a conspiracy" against Russia. For the girls, of course, it was offensive, but they do not argue with the decision of the judges. And there are no random judges at games of this level, the gymnast believes.

Let us remind you that this year Russia for the first time in the last 25 years was left without gold in rhythmic gymnastics. The first place was awarded to the Israeli Lina Ashram, despite the fact that she made a gross mistake - she lost an object. In the group all-around, the championship was for the Bulgarian national team.

The results of the Olympics drew sharp criticism. The All-Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics said that the Russian woman Dina Averina "definitely won this Olympics." During the Tokyo Olympics, experts noted that the judges from the very first performance underestimated the scores of Russian gymnasts. At the same time, the FIG did not notice any violations during the judging of the athletes. The appeal of the All-Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics was not satisfied.