Posted 4 октября 2021,, 08:17

Published 4 октября 2021,, 08:17

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Due to nothing to do. How mental parasites are destroying European civilization

4 октября 2021, 08:17
Марина Шаповалова
Well-fed, prosperous Europeans, who received an excess of free time, decided that the soulless European civilization, which only exploits, suppresses and destroys everything around itself, is to blame for all the troubles of mankind.

Marina Shapovalova, writer

What cannot be taken away from European civilization is the ability to breed haters for itself. It would be fine from among the savages deprived of her benefits, whom the vagrant civilizers beckoned with the sight of these very benefits, and even threw them in deceived hopes with straw planes for bitter memory. But no, European civilization is usually hated by its most prosperous fosterlings.

This planet is generally very lucky with Europe. It is very accidental, if you understand from how many unlikely coincidences it all came together. Because everywhere from the beginning, so-called traditional communities were formed, concerned exclusively with the reproduction of calm and order from a meager harvest to harvest, or between the rainy and drought seasons. Somewhere someone guessed to smelt the metal once, once in thousands of years, but someone, and as it is, went. And in Europe at first it was about the same. A little more crowded, perhaps. And then suddenly it became clear that time is not just sadly walking in a circle, but moving from the past to the future, allowing everything to add and improve, learn and invent, grow wiser and get rich along the way. And in some miraculous way, it was among the Europeans that such a world outlook arose, in which they did not expect serious help from a very important and necessary contact with higher powers. From which it was concluded in time that straw planes would be useful only when going to the other world, and in this canned meat, manufactory, crackers, soap and matches would have to be obtained on their own.

And then a number of favorable circumstances developed - completely by accident, I repeat - and it began!

It began in earnest not so long ago, by the way, only about half a thousand years ago. But since then, it has become so flooded that for every generation of grandchildren, grandfather's gadgets, pants and habits have become complete crap. And for great-grandchildren - antiques. The speed of movement and production, life expectancy, the effectiveness and quality of medicine, all kinds of consumption and household comfort were constantly growing. In general, everything seemed to be good, but something was not good. At first, according to some idle thinkers (the rest of the majority just worked), such as Rousseau, who in the surrounding European fellow citizens discovered a lack of genuine nobility inherent in savages. He was not the first, however, and not the only one, although there is a nuance: his noble savage was also truly happy, because, unlike a European, he could not limit his freedom by social conventions. But for now we will leave such an understanding of freedom on his conscience and move on.

There is no doubt that the seduction by the fruits of scientific and technical progress has generated some groundless illusions in the minds of Europeans. For example, that "according to science" you can control little people like machines. For their own good, of course. And when, in several consecutive attempts to make people happy, several hundred million were suddenly killed, idealists became very disillusioned with progress. And since then they have not come to their senses.

This tendency to look for the causes of failures, troubles and tragedies in previous experience is called reflection and is also included in the necessary European complex of everything that has generated and provided progress. The problem is that very few can mentally establish causal relationships, and literally everyone can go into hysterics. Therefore, it is possible to extract little benefit from mass reflections, and a variety of foolishness arises as much as necessary. Especially if there is no need to work hard from dawn to dawn for the sake of their daily bread, thanks to the same progress that has provided an unprecedentedly high productivity of labor.

Having easily established a connection between the production of weapons and technical progress, the mentally non-overworking part of humanity made the conclusion: European civilization is to blame for everything. She is terrible, spiritless, she only exploits, suppresses and destroys everything around.

No, this conclusion was not made by offended noble savages, by no means. The bearers of the reflective consciousness themselves, the mental Europeans, hated the European civilization. From this position, the doors to wonderful worlds were opened for them.

Someone was drawn closer to nature. It is unlikely in order to find out how happy savages live with worms and lice, although not everyone thinks in time to stock up on first-aid kits. Others are sucked into the mind-expanding practices of the archaic tribes - it's still fucking in any jungle. Practices of varying degrees of self-harm, modern medicine cannot cope with all the consequences later. But social activists who aim to destroy European civilization from within are especially dangerous.

These parasites are determined to bring savage happiness to literally all snickering users of real city infrastructures and virtual social networks. No, they are not going to free anyone from the conventions that once hampered Rousseau - the same progress has long since coped with this, which has reduced to a minimum the economic dependence of an individual. Their complex of savage happiness includes only a decrease in the level of consumption. Total. And the reduction of transport to the level of those times when people with dog heads lived overseas, and Terra incognita was supposed to be overseas.

I do not know how much they will succeed in their intentions, but the trouble is that European civilization will continue to breed these parasites as long as it exists. With all its medicine, keeping potential miscarriages with “asperger”, not allowing natural selection to reject them in time.

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