Posted 4 октября 2021,, 07:14

Published 4 октября 2021,, 07:14

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Lars Vilks, author of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, died

Lars Vilks, author of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, died

4 октября 2021, 07:14
In southern Sweden, an artist, author of scandalous cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed Lars Vilks (pictured), died in a road accident.

The incident is reported by SVT.

Recall that after the image of a dog with the head of the Prophet Muhammad was published in the regional newspaper Nerikes Allehanda, Muslims from many countries began to threaten Vilks and threaten with reprisals.

The publication clarifies that the caricaturist's car collided with a truck. In addition to Wilks, his guards were also killed in the accident. The truck driver was injured.

The circumstances of the accident are currently being investigated.

At the same time, a spokesman for the Swedish police ruled out the version that the accident with the cartoonist Vilks could be the result of malicious actions, RIA Novosti reports. The case was transferred to a special department of the prosecutor's office, since two police officers were killed in an accident.

The infamous cartoon was drawn by Wilks in 2007. Al-Qaeda * included the artist in the list of "the main enemies of Islam". A bounty of $ 100,000 was assigned to his head.

Security has been assigned to Vilks since 2010, when attempts were made on him. In particular, in 2015, shooting was opened in the cafe where the artist was holding a meeting.

Vilks himself assured that he would not stop drawing, even if it cost him his life.

* recognized as terrorist and prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation