Posted 5 октября 2021,, 07:35

Published 5 октября 2021,, 07:35

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Andrey Karaulov: "The era of rallies in Russia is over"

5 октября 2021, 07:35
In a video entitled “Farewell to Zyuganov,” journalist Andrei Karaulov on his YouTube channel commented on the failure of the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and his party members to attend a rally on Pushkin Square in Moscow.

It was declared as a meeting of voters with deputies, but in fact was accompanied by protests against the results of the elections to the State Duma.

“The era of rallies in Russia is over. It ended too. Why do I say that without giving an assessment... Yes, because on Saturday... The Communists called it a gathering, a meeting with deputies, on Pushkinskaya, a gathering.

The communists called it a gathering, the power structures and the Moscow City Hall called it an unauthorized, unauthorized rally. But it was announced. And no one took down the announcement.

And people came, several dozen people. But those who organized it (the meeting) did not appear. Here are all the Moscow communists, including their leader.

Ostanina, Kashin, Rashkin, the leader of the Moscow communists... Nobody came. Naturally, Zyuganov did not come either.

That is, they organized a rally at which they tied the children, peacefully reciting poetry.

And the communists said: sorry, people, there is no need to meet with us. All the more - unauthorized, all the more - they get angry, all the more, you see, the Russian Guard.

It's not even a setup. It's not even a betrayal.

Everything fell into place. Everything and everything.

To substitute this way for the guys who probably voted for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, since they came to a meeting with their deputies, and not come to it...

Since everything came to a complete dead end, and political life ended after Zyuganov's communication with Putin, this live broadcast, apparently, someone in the Kremlin decided that it was nevertheless necessary to hold a communist congress at the end of October, perhaps even raise the question of Zyuganov's re-election ... The question will probably be raised, but Zyuganov will remain the leader of this handful of people.

Why the Kremlin needs this is already incomprehensible. Because there will never be anyone behind Zyuganov, except for those who passed the State Duma, because the salary there is about 500 thousand, more bonuses every month, in total - a million every month.

And also cars are relied on. And the head of the committee - just fixed cars, as well as vouchers, vouchers, paid travel, rest, a bunch of privileges... That's all.

And the fact that, as Nina Ostanina told me, “we will use the rostrum of the State Duma” ... Guys, you have already used the rostrum on Pushkinskaya, and you have been using the rostrum of the State Duma for twenty years.

Confused by this to the people who last believed! And so he was deceived! 1996 is resting. Here, Svetlana Goryacheva will tell what happened there, in 1996, how Zyuganov handed over - as we all assume, we will be careful - legally handed the victory over to Yeltsin for the privatization of his own dacha in Snegiri.

By the way, whether this dacha was privatized or not privatized is easy to check, and when it was privatized, if the papers have not been destroyed now. Everything is clear here, you don't have to check it.

Farewell to Zyuganov.

He did so much for Boris Nikolayevich, and he did so much for the Kremlin today, that I would not be surprised if they put him next to Lenin in the hour of mourning. To the Mausoleum. Due to special merits. Lenin - in front of the people, Zyuganov - in front of the Kremlin.

That's it, period. There is no one else to talk about and nothing more.

Throwing in that Afonin, the right hand of Zyuganov, may be the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, does not mean anything anymore; nothing changes.

It is clear that some Nikolai Mikhailovich Kharitonov will be nominated as a presidential candidate in more than two years, from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, regardless of his venerable years.

Putin won. All smart people in the country, we have smart spectators, they understand this.

How did you win? Into the light".

The entire video commentary by Andrey Karaulov can be viewed here.