Posted 7 октября 2021,, 07:35

Published 7 октября 2021,, 07:35

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73% of citizens do not like to celebrate their birthday

73% of citizens do not like to celebrate their birthday

7 октября 2021, 07:35
63% of Russians are used to celebrating their birthday at home, and 20% invite guests to a restaurant or rent a room for a party. At the same time, 73% of citizens do not like to arrange a holiday on their birthday, but, nevertheless, they do it anyway.

Such data follow from the research conducted by the Rambler & C media holding, the results of which are published by RIA Novosti.

Analysts found that 13% of respondents go out of town to celebrate their birthday, and 4% go abroad altogether.

69% of respondents fit in the amount of up to 20 thousand rubles when preparing a holiday. 19% stated that they need 20-40 thousand for these purposes. 5% spend from 40 to 60 thousand rubles, 2% are used to paying 60-80 thousand rubles for a holiday. 5% of survey participants spend over 80 thousand rubles for preparing and celebrating their birthday.

64% of those surveyed admitted that they celebrate with their families. 27% prefer to celebrate their birthday with friends. 6% prefer to call only those who congratulated them. 3% spend their holiday alone.

39% of respondents expect a surprise from family or friends on this day, 36% said they do not like surprises, and 25% are waiting for an unexpected gift.

52% of Russians indicated that they would gladly accept any gift chosen by their loved ones. 24% want to receive money as a gift, 4% make a list of gifts recommended for purchase.

Earlier it was reported that 92% of Russians consider their birthday to be the main holiday. At the same time, 94% called the New Year the main celebration, and for 95% the most important holiday is Victory Day.