Posted 8 октября 2021,, 07:35

Published 8 октября 2021,, 07:35

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The question of the day - from the master of martial arts: is it worth putting every gorilla in his place?

The question of the day - from the master of martial arts: is it worth putting every gorilla in his place?

8 октября 2021, 07:35
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After the brutal beating of a bartender from Voronezh in the Moscow metro by three Dagestanis, many people ask themselves: how justified was the mortal risk? And is it necessary to independently "put things in order" in public places?

The question is by no means idle, and interest in the topic affects a lot of people. For example, a very convincing and useful post in the LiveJournal of blogger Dmitry Savostyanov, who himself was fond of knife fighting and martial arts for many years (a man, in a word, not a timid dozen!), now occupies the first place in the rating of publications.

What does Savostyanov advise those who, for whatever reason, decide to stand up for the weak and offended?

Firstly, the appearance of all sorts of boors and hooligans can be very deceiving and the presence of muscles pumped up in the gym in a truth-lover does not guarantee an unconditional victory. After all , a complete little man can turn out to be a freestyle wrestling master or a retired professional boxer. And what can we say about the young "street tough"!

The author had a chance to fight in sparring against a 15-year-old boy, who was twice as lighter, but at the same time turned out to be a master of sports in army hand-to-hand combat. This boy, with slender arms and legs, was actually a cord inside and a twisted steel spring with instant reaction. In a street fight, such a junior will easily mutilate the most pumped-up man.

"He will whip the tar out of you or even disfigure you, or even unintentionally kill you. Youth is not only show-off, it is also just a discouraging reaction and devilish endurance", - the author notes.

By the way, the nationality of the hooligans does not matter!

"If you want to get disability or death, try to come to the discach in the relatively peaceful Central Black Earth Region and start making remarks to guys who behave rudely with girls. The spectrum from bruises on the face to a wheelchair is 100% guaranteed. If anyone thinks that only Caucasians are so thuggish, but Russian children are angels... Huh, well, well!"

Do you know a good Russian custom - to quilting, extinguishing a stray bull. And in general, any remark by young people on the street, and even a group of young people, is deadly.

In Yandex, "a man made a remark to teenagers and was killed" gives out dozens of interesting, informative stories with a common morality - you shouldn't make remarks to anyone on the street, go the man quietly and you will be alive. Teenagers and teenagers, they kill regardless of race and nationality.

If you still want to make a comment, then check the performance of your powerful stun gun in advance and hold it in your pocket with your left hand. Hold a powerful traumatic pistol in your right hand in your pocket and use them immediately if something happens. It is highly discouraged to rely on your fists and legs, even in a conflict with one person.

Even more, you should not hope for a successful fight against three people, you will be replaced with a 100% probability even if you are an excellent hand-to-hand fighter. After all, a person (if he is not a cinematic Rambo) has a limit to his ability to view and deflect blows - he is equal to one opponent.

It is better not to fight at all, but immediately pour pepper and then kick it until it stops resisting. It is even less worth trying on the street, trying to fight honestly with strangers. Once again - pepper, or better shock and trauma, this is street style.

There is a sports hall for a fair fight. Well, yes, it is generally unreasonable to make a remark to three young bulls, except for having a firearm and a good distance with you.

"It is my experience that allows me to walk extremely silently past any bulls, it is better for health. Besides, I am alone, and there are infinitely many bulls, the young are always stupid and there is not enough health to put every bull in its place." - Savostyanov concludes.

And it's hard to disagree with him...