Posted 11 октября 2021,, 07:39

Published 11 октября 2021,, 07:39

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Germany's responsibility: Merkel leaves, cash payments to Jews remain

11 октября 2021, 07:39
German Chancellor Angela Merkel recalled during her farewell visit to Israel about Germany's responsibility for the security of the Jewish state. It is not only geopolitical interests that bind the Germans and the Israelis - Germany continues to pay its citizens for the crimes of World War II.

Yelena Ivanova

Until the formation of the new German government, Angela Merkel remains the current head of state. She came to Israel as chancellor. German politicians managed to build a close relationship with the Jewish state, despite the Nazi crimes against the Jewish people. Germany bears historical responsibility for the Holocaust, which the German political elite does not tire of repeating. Therefore, the theme of the security of Israel, a state surrounded by countries in which there is no democracy, remains one of the most important for Germany, the Chancellor recalled.

Responsibility is manifested not only in relation to the State of Israel, but also to all those who suffered during the Second World War. The Germans paid and continue to pay the Jews to this day. Under intergovernmental agreements, compensation is paid for work in the ghetto without coercion, for forced labor, compensation is paid to everyone who was persecuted in Nazi Germany. There are compensation for the victims of the Holocaust, both one-time and monthly supplements to pensions. There are various funds, for example, for Jews who left for Israel from the countries of the former Soviet Union. There are separate funds for children who survived the concentration camps and the Holocaust, or for children who were taken out in trains after the 1938 pogroms.

The German government paid the Holocaust survivors 5 thousand German marks each as a one-time compensation. They are paid a monthly supplement to their pension. From 2019, if the pension does not exceed 600 euros, the survivors of the Holocaust receive an additional 400 euros, with a pension of up to 700 euros - 300 euros, and so on. All recipients of a pension over 1000 Euros have a supplement of 100 Euros per month.

The German state, together with the Israeli authorities, are financing a separate fund for the welfare of Holocaust victims, through which 60 thousand people receive medical assistance and social care. Dental care, psychiatric treatment, food subsidies are provided free of charge. The foundation provides nurses and other care for the elderly free of charge.

The Israelis received payments, along with 1.7 million citizens from 100 other countries, payments due to forced labor. The total amount of the fund was 4.362 billion euros.

All those who worked in the ghetto, both under duress and voluntarily, receive pensions due during this time.

If the health condition of the victims has deteriorated, the Israelis can apply to a special fund, and their pension will be increased.

After the immigration of Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel opened in 1980, the German state pays 5,000 German marks to all new arrivals.

In December 2014, the German authorities created a new $ 250 million fund to help children who survived the Holocaust. Every child who has spent at least 6 months in a concentration camp or ghetto receives a one-time compensation of 2,556 euros.

After the unification of Germany, the German government allocated funds to compensate Jews who suffered during the Nazi era. The fact is that the GDR refused to pay compensation throughout its existence. These payments were taken over by the government of the united Germany. Until 2018, more than 7 billion euros were spent from this fund. The money goes not only to monetary compensation, but also to pay for medical and social services. In 2020, 524 million euros were spent from this fund.

Each victim who has been in concentration camps for at least 3 months and in the ghetto for more than 6 months receives a lifetime pension of 300 euros per month under this article. After the death of the recipient of the pension, his widow or her widower receives these payments within 9 months.

In Israel, a Conference was established on the material claims of Jews against Germany. She also deals with relations with the German government.

In 2018, Israelis and Germans created a new fund to compensate children sent from Germany in 1938 after the pogroms. It was about 10 thousand then minors. Each of them received a one-time compensation of 2,500 euros.

The heirs are also entitled to payments if their deceased relatives were unable to receive compensation during their lifetime.