Posted 11 октября 2021,, 11:16

Published 11 октября 2021,, 11:16

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Pavel Durov presented the public with another list of his maxims

Pavel Durov presented the public with another list of his maxims

11 октября 2021, 11:16
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The founder of the social network VKontakte and the Telegram messenger, Pavel Durov (pictured), in honor of his 37th birthday, compiled lists of undervalued and overvalued things in life, and also advised fans to disconnect from the social networks.

According to Durov, the underestimated things in life, first of all, should include sleep, which "increases immunity, creativity and psychological well-being." In second place is nature - "the environment in which we are biologically good". On the third - loneliness, which "gives freedom to make spiritual and intellectual breakthroughs".

As noted by Kommersant, among things that negatively affect human well-being, Durov attributed big cities, where there is a lot of dirt, noise and crime. He advises his subscribers to have access to the resources of cities, but live outside of them.

Among the "overrated" Durov also included restaurants that, in his opinion, "offer the slowest and least efficient way of eating." He advised people who want to take care of their health to eat at home.

In the list of negative factors, Durov also included "relaxing" hot weather, which can lead to "the risk of cancer and faster aging."

The Telegram founder also took up arms against fashion that leads to unnecessary spending, on silly advice from celebrities and on real estate, the purchase of which "often limits choice and is a dubious investment".

He suggested buying comfortable things instead of fashionable things, listening to the opinions of experts, but not the stars, and instead of buying real estate, give preference to rentals that stimulate mobility and get new impressions while traveling.

Oddly enough, Durov also included social networks among negative things. He stated that "the continuous stream of social media garbage cluttering our minds reduces our happiness and creativity".

“Disconnecting from these Internet services is the best thing we can do any day”, - wrote Durov.

Whether the thinker's own content is rubbish, Pavel Durov did not specify.

It's worth reminding that the legendary guru (without quotes - both "legendary" and "guru") has already made it his personal tradition to periodically inform others about his thoughts on any occasion. Examples of his moralizing creativity can be read here and here.