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Published 11 октября 2021, 07:20

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The crash of a sports plane in Tatarstan: only passengers in the rear survived

11 октября 2021, 07:20
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The disaster took place in the Menzelinsk region (Republic of Tatarstan). True, the death toll at the moment is preliminary. It is reported that seven survivors were pulled out from the rubble, killing 16 people.

According to Interfax, there were 23 people on board - 2 crew members and 21 parachutists. 19 people died. The fate of the three is currently unknown.

Information about the crash of the plane was confirmed by the press service of the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Rescuers follow to the scene.

Seven people with signs of life were taken out of the crashed plane in the Menzelinsky district of Tatarstan, the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry reported on Sunday.

"Seven people with signs of life have been released from the aircraft cabin", - the message says.

The excess number of passengers could have led to the crash of the L-410 aircraft in Tatarstan, the aviation services told TASS.

"There were more passengers on board than envisaged by the operational requirements. This could lead to overloading, which could cause a fall", - the source said.

Versions of aircraft malfunction and crew errors are also considered.

Dmitry Derbyshev, 30, a paratrooper and one of the survivors of the L-415 plane crash,told the Mesh that the problem was in the engine. The plane did not manage to climb to the required altitude. The pilots followed the instructions. Now Dmitry is on x-ray. He says that he did not feel much pain during the fall.

The Let L-410 Turbolet is a lightweight twin-engine multipurpose aircraft widely used on local airlines. This aircraft model was developed by the design bureau of the Let Kunovice aircraft plant (Czechoslovakia) in 1966-67. Since November 2018, these aircraft have been produced in Russia on the basis of the Ural Civil Aviation Plant, Yekaterinburg.

By noon Moscow time, rescuers completed work at the hard landing site of a light aircraft in Menzelinsk, Tatarstan. This was announced by Marat Shigapov, deputy head of the department for organizing firefighting and carrying out emergency rescue operations of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan.

"Rescue work at the scene has been completed," he said in a video released by the Ministry of Emergencies.

The operation involved 47 people and 15 pieces of equipment.

Only the paratroopers in the tail section of the L-410 plane survived after a hard landing in Menzelinsk. This was announced to TASS on Sunday by the instructor of the Menzelinsky flying club Oleg Shiporov.

"Six survivors were in the tail section, there one parachutist even got bruised, he got out of the plane himself. All our paratroopers sit in helmets during takeoff and landing, this is a rule up to an altitude of 500 m. helmets, this is the rule, "he said.

Shiporov added that the operational services worked very quickly after the incident was reported. He also noted that both pilots were experienced and reliable. "They are very experienced pilots: one is a military man with great experience, the other is a civil aviation pilot, he flew on large planes," he said, admitting that the accident could have been caused by birds getting into the engine.

The press service of the head of the republic, Rustam Minnikhanov, later reported that the victims of the crash had no head and neck injuries, which made it possible to assess their condition as stable.

"According to the state of the injured, the president [of the republic] was informed that the main injuries were fractures. The main thing is that there are no head and neck injuries, which allows maintaining a stable condition of the injured," the statement says.

A psychological assistance center for relatives of those killed and injured in a plane crash in Tatarstan was opened in the oncological dispensary in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

The head physician of the city emergency hospital Marat Mukhamadeev told the journalists about this.

"It was decided by the health department of Naberezhnye Chelny, on the instructions of our minister, to deploy a center for information psychological assistance for relatives, hospital patients and patients who have not yet been admitted to us," said the head physician.

He noted that the center is deployed in the Naberezhnye Chelny branch of the Oncology Center of the RCH, nine psychologists are working there. Also, for the relatives of the victims, the city authorities organized free accommodation and hot meals. Among the dead and injured in the plane crash were residents of Bashkiria, Mari El, Tatarstan, Udmurtia, as well as Ulyanovsk, Kirov and Chelyabinsk regions, TASS reports.

The list of the dead:

1 - Mikhail Belyaev: pilot, 60 years old

2 - Alexander Zykov: pilot, 61 years old

3— Olga Minibayeva

4 - Pavel Muzychenko

5 - Dinar Davletgareyev

6 - Andrey Timofeyev

7 - Dmitry Filinov

8 - Denis Prokhorov

9 - Sergey Kuzenko

10 - Ksenia Samigullina, jumped in tandem

11 - Oleg Kublitsky

12 - Ilnar Gaifullin, jumped in tandem

13 - Igor Alekseev

14 - Konstantin Tsyvinsky, jumped in tandem

15 - Ravil Sharafutdinov

16 - Victoria Solovyova, jumped in tandem

List of survivors:

1 - Dmitry Derbyshev

2 - Vladimir Zelenin, in serious condition

3 - Vyacheslav Piskunov

4 - Denis Yakovlev

5 - Alexander Yeremin

6 - Vadim Fakhrutdinov