Posted 12 октября 2021,, 11:50

Published 12 октября 2021,, 11:50

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Elina Zhgutova: "Bring up angels in hell, but if you fail, we'll find other parents"

Elina Zhgutova: "Bring up angels in hell, but if you fail, we'll find other parents"

12 октября 2021, 11:50
“Today the parents have been deprived of the presumption of integrity”, - says Elina Zhgutova, chairman of the board of the Public Center for the Protection of the Family and Traditional Values. She took part in the Child Health Forum in Sevastopol, where she spoke about the key problems of today's family policy.

“Parents today have no presumption of decency, they are a priori guilty. If you look deeply into this ideology, it becomes clear that the attacks on the family are a continuation of the policy of reducing the population.

Now it is important to understand what trends have emerged in family politics.

On the one hand, now is the time when the traditionalists raised their heads and squared their shoulders, but on the other hand, people are also awake.

That is, there was a kind of polarization of good and evil forces.

Therefore, it is especially important for us to defend our rights. Because what are they trying to do to us now? They are trying to deprive us of traditions and rights.

At some of our internal meetings, when we are arguing with opponents on this topic, we are told: we should not absolutize our parental rights.

Excuse me, but how is that ?! That is - your children are almost yours.

Now we have a case in Omsk . A woman has given birth to a child, and they tell her, listen, but you are a bad mother. The plenipotentiaries thought, the child's house thought, everyone thought, in short, and decided that some mother was not like that.

The court session lasted seven hours, at which we tried to find out what, in fact, was wrong with her?

“Well, you know, she’s not putting a spoon at him like that, he doesn’t get all the porridge, he may not finish eating it!”

I say - is that all? “Well, you know, she’s also holding him somehow - vertically.”

Do you understand, yes?

That is, a commission comes and checks the mother's lactation, and whether she will have something to feed the child.

Where are we coming to? Besides, the right to one's child, by birth, does not seem to arise, it turns out.

By the way, in the Scandinavian countries it is already clear that children are not parental, but state children, and their parents are simply given to educate them while they - the parents - behave well.

As soon as it seems to them that the parents give too much sweets to the child and, as it seems to them, he has become fat, or they start going to doctors with the child too much, or they go to doctors too little, this does not obey any logic - the children are simply taken away.

By the way, what is juvenile justice? It's not easy when a child is taken away, if a child is taken away - we somehow cope - this is the fear spread in society that they might take him away from you.

And it does not concern those unfortunate socially unprotected layers that cannot stand up for themselves, and for which we, human rights defenders have to stand up, but it concerns each of us, this fear already penetrates into every family. Already in every family they begin to think: can I give the child a slap in the head or raise my voice to him? And can I give him a briefcase like this, shabby, or will they say that I do not care enough about my child?

But all this is just nonsense, you know?

And how is it possible to bring up a normal, mentally healthy and socially prosperous generation in such an unhealthy atmosphere of fear?

This cannot but be reflected. We are now raising other children.

These tendencies towards effeminacy and erasure of sexes, they also take roots, in fact, here.

If a child is brought up in greenhouse conditions, naturally, a boy turns out to be about a girl, relatively speaking. And here, other technologies are already included in the same social networks, who are studying this topic, who know to mix everything so that it is not clear which gender and so on, this is another system of destruction that is included.

Today, as soon as they begin to tell you that you are violating a child's rights to education, medical care, and so on, know that this is not the case.

I just want to strengthen you in your rights. We have rights, no one has taken them away from us. If you are not deprived of parental rights, if you are not limited in parental rights, if you love your child, all that can happen is trouble, and not at all your fault, as they might try to explain to you.

Even now, a very unpleasant idea has arisen, unfortunately, at the very top it arose - to organize the Ministry of Family, Childhood, Demography, and so on.

Such departments already exist in the world, they are called Jugendamt (in Germany - note "NI"), Barnevern (in Norway - note "NI"), they unite everything related to the family, nothing good came of it, during in any case, abroad for sure.

And with us, excuse me, where will it be good when we already see in situations what ideology permeates the entire system of subject prevention?

What, now, excuse me, will we take all destructive practices and combine them in one place? And that will be? We will simply multiply the evil, this is understandable.

That is, in no case should any of this be combined into any ministries and departments.

And now it is said that it will be just such a Ministry of Happiness.

One of the documents from the presentation of this new agency contains a study of the family on the criterion of happiness. I am not kidding. Naturally, it also talks about early prevention: that is, nothing has happened to you yet, but you already need to be prevented - go to your home and check how you talk to your own child.

And you understand that the criteria can change. Tomorrow you will be intolerant of LGBT people, for example. Our borders are transparent, we do not have an iron curtain now, and abroad this is already a fairly serious criterion for assessing a family for trouble. Well, since you are so intolerant, let's find other, more worthy representatives for your children.

All this is very disturbing, because all these principles will be brought there (to the ministry).

The desacralization of family relations is already underway. Now they are trying to prove to us: that the mother is dear, that the mother is adopted (there is no particular difference)... My dear, you see, turned out to be bad, so to speak...

We now have a real case: the girl was offered the best conditions in the foster family, she, by and large, just bought an iPhone, and therefore now she does not want to return to her mother.

We are participating in this trial, and I do not quite understand how we can help a woman. She loved her daughter, brought up as best she could, exhausted herself and living in her communal apartment, she also coped with her son, who was not very prosperous. What is her fault? But now her daughter tells her that in the new place she is better fed.

The same society raised the child like that. Needless to say, only parents educate by example. Parents are always extreme, and society can do whatever it wants - bring Morgenstern to the top and so on, and you raise, raise further...

Raise angels. There will be hell around, but you must educate angels in this hell. If you can’t raise, we will find other parents”.

You can listen to the entire speech of Elina Zhgutova here.