Posted 12 октября 2021, 06:23

Published 12 октября 2021, 06:23

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:36

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Rosgvardia intends to prohibit the issuance of weapons to people who have not passed the inspection of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

12 октября 2021, 06:23
The Rosgvardia proposed to provide the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB with more powers to check citizens when obtaining or obtaining a weapon permit.

According to the bill published on the portal of legal information, the department wants to prohibit the issuance of weapons to citizens, "In respect of which, based on the results of an inspection carried out by the internal affairs bodies and (or) the FSB and in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, a conclusion was made on the impossibility of owning a weapon due to the increased risk of violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens, the emergence of a threat to public safety".

Such a conclusion must be approved by an authorized person from the Russian Guard, which is responsible for controlling the circulation of weapons.

After the inspection, the citizen can not only be denied the issue of weapons, but also take away the already existing permit for it.

The restrictions, according to the department, will help prevent weapons from falling into the hands of members of organized criminal groups, including extremists and terrorists, or into the hands of those who are going to use them for criminal purposes.

It's worth reminding that after the tragedies in Kazan and Perm, where young people shot educational institutions, it was repeatedly said about the need to tighten the procedure for issuing weapons. For example, it was proposed to increase the permitted age of its use to 21 years.