Posted 12 октября 2021,, 11:51

Published 12 октября 2021,, 11:51

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Why Biden allowed Nord Stream 2: the version of Russian nuclear physicists

Why Biden allowed Nord Stream 2: the version of Russian nuclear physicists

12 октября 2021, 11:51
So far, the press has not seriously discussed the question: why did US President Joe Biden in July 2021, at talks in Washington with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, unexpectedly refuse to oppose the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline? Russian physicists, it turns out, are ready to give their answer.

Gennady Charodeyev

Speaking at campaign rallies, Biden has repeatedly called the agreement to build a pipeline bypassing Ukraine "a bad deal", and future Secretary of State Blinken, while confirming his candidacy in the Senate, promised to "do everything" to stop the project.

The sanctions packages approved by the US Congress in December 2019 and early 2020 actually froze the construction of Nord Stream 2, but just four days after Biden's inauguration on January 24, work on the completion of the pipeline was resumed.

Despite campaign promises, the US administration took no action at the time, instead starting talks with Berlin about a "possible compromise".

Within a few months, Washington made it clear that the White House was ready to make concessions to both Berlin and Moscow. Contrary to the requirements of the law, the US State Department for some reason announced that it was not going to impose sanctions against the pipeline operator Nord Stream2 AG, which is a 100% subsidiary of Gazprom, and its top manager, Vladimir Putin's longtime friend Matthias Warnig.

When Merkel arrived in Washington, Biden first suggested that she talk face to face in a secret room in the White House. After that, already officially, the United States and Germany suddenly announced that there was nothing to prevent them from ending their conflict over the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline peacefully. It only took ten minutes! As a result, the United States has pledged not to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG, which owns the pipeline, and its management. And Germany, in turn, will help the development of Ukraine's energy sector. Both sides together pledge to punish Russia if it tries to deprive Ukraine of gas transit.

True, there was a casually expressed version of the Bloomberg agency, they say, one of the goals of President Biden is to establish relations with European allies, including Germany, which had been damaged by his predecessors Trump. It is known that the almost completed gas pipeline along the bottom of the Baltic Sea was one of the subjects of disagreement between Washington and Berlin.

At the final press conference in the White House, both Merkel and Biden chose not to go into the details of the deal. None of the journalists asked about the reasons for the compromise.

Was there really a compromise?

- I, like my fellow scientists, of course, was not present at the talks between Joe Biden and Angela Merkel. But we can not exclude that the US president was "allowed" to Berlin and Moscow to finish the "North Stream-2" and not out of charity, - nuclear physicist Yuri Ratis told Novye Izvestia. - It is very likely that Biden was well aware of the still "secret" miracle reactor, supposedly capable of "filling up" America and its Western allies with cheap energy. Let, they say, Putin continues to spend billions on the "Northern Pogtok-2", and in some 5-10 years the "Russian" pipe will become useless to anyone!

What kind of miracle reactor, however, can we talk about? If desired, in the American media, you can find some information about its inventor - this is the well-known physicist in the West, Ronald Mills, who heads the Brilliant Light Power Corporation. It is also known that his company annually receives $ 100 million from the US state budget.

The Mills Corporation does not verbally hide the details of its business. On the Internet, in the public domain, she advertises not miraculous reactors that will save the United States from an energy collapse, but electric cars capable of driving 2,200 miles on a flat road with 1 liter of water.

According to Yuri Ratis, Russian scientists have long and well known about Mills' developments. They are not completely original, but are a modified installation of A.I. Klimov, who worked at the Institute of High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and was deprived at one time of the opportunity to continue research "for pursuing pseudoscience".

“Imagine, in Russia there is still a “Commission on Pseudoscience” under the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which has been given the right to suppress budget funding for research leading to“ nowhere, ”the physicist told Novye Izvestia. - Everything would be great if not for one "but": "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." It just so happened with us: as soon as illiterate officials appoint someone as a judge in the "last resort", so immediately this "judge" is tempted to use his right for personal purposes. For example, long before the appearance of the Commission on Pseudoscience, thanks to the efforts of Trofim Lysenko and the NKVD, the brilliant N.I. Vavilov. For many years, cybernetics with the label "the corrupt girl of imperialism" was in the corral. This list is long and terrible. Only after the collapse of the USSR did a number of enthusiasts have the opportunity to conduct fundamental research using extrabudgetary funds.

Yuri Ratis said that the notorious cold nuclear fusion was among the forbidden topics for research. He became an international project ITER across the throat, whose tasks were to demonstrate the possibility of commercial use of thermonuclear fusion reactions.

“At this point”, - said the scientist, - “I will have to make a few remarks. First, cold fusion as understood by "transmutologists" who systematically observe the transformations of chemical elements does not really exist. But this did not stop the "academicians" from throwing out the water from the bathtub together with the child. Reactions are coming. In addition, the life tests of the Mills reactor were limited to 120 hours. You cannot warm Europe with such amount of warmth! The hydrino "theory" on which Mills' work is based is a paranoid delusion of a person who does not know either quantum mechanics or quantum field theory. Finally, President Biden did not trust Mills, but the leaders of DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, who patronize Mills' work.

- You can ask me: does Russia have the technologies to solve domestic problems with the energy sector of the future, and to warm Europe at the same time? So far, I can only say that our scientists are actively working in this area. Such installations have been known since the days of the brilliant academician, the father of the Soviet nuclear bomb, Igor Kurchatov. If the current leadership of Russia musters up the courage and at least partially declassifies the Appendices to the Decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated June 23, 1960 "On the creation of powerful launch vehicles, satellites, spaceships and space exploration in 1960-1967", then we will have a chance to reanimate the reactors designed by I.S. Filimonenko, who will forever solve the problem of providing Russia with cheap energy.

Will hydrogen save the world?

The idea of using pure hydrogen and building water buses is just crazy - too explosive, says nuclear physicist Yuri Ratis. For the same reason, the project of the Tu-155 aircraft "turned down", as well as repeated attempts to create cars on this fuel. To say that they are dangerous is to say nothing. In addition, it is difficult to place on board a supply of hydrogen sufficient to ensure the flight of the required range or acceptable range of the vehicle. High pressure gas will require thick walled and therefore heavy cylinders.

Liquefied hydrogen can be stored in equally heavy Dewars. They will "eat up" the entire load capacity of an aircraft or car. Plus, few people want to fly or ride a bomb that is about to explode at any moment.

There is already a cheap alternative to the current energy sector, Yuri Ratis believes.

- The talented inventor Boris Bolotov at his country dacha made a working model of a water-oil distillation station: water was supplied to it, and a branch pipe that gave out hydrocarbons was leaving. Between them, inside a curbstone that looked like a washing machine, electromagnetic pulses were generated that divided the nucleus of an oxygen atom in a water molecule into two parts: a carbon atom and two heavy hydrogen (deuterium) atoms. The resulting carbon together with hydrogen detached from the water molecule formed a hydrocarbon fuel molecule. An installation with a capacity of two kilowatts turned water into flammable gases, which were enough to power a machine with a capacity of 100 kilowatts.

Of course, Bolotov categorically did not understand the physics of the reactions that took place in his installation, but the installation worked, and there are specialists in Russia who are able to recreate it. Bolotov himself cannot be invited to the team, since he is a citizen of Ukraine.

Nature, according to Boris Bolotov's scheme, gave the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and Syria huge deposits of light and easily recoverable oil. More precisely, it created conditions for its formation at shallow depths of occurrence. Our “heavy” oil contains a lot of sulfur and is found at great depths and in areas with very difficult climatic conditions. God himself ordered us to take care of alternative fuel, Yuri Ratis insists.