Posted 12 октября 2021,, 12:03

Published 12 октября 2021,, 12:03

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

"You will be judged and you will be imprisoned": Evil Ecologist explained why social networks became globally unavailable for a period of six hours

12 октября 2021, 12:03
"This video will contain tips for survival for the next few years, as something is coming that the Secret Insider has already talked about many times," said a well-known Russian YouTube blogger under the nickname Evil Ecologist at the beginning of his new video.

He regularly uploads videos with very interesting messages from a certain Secret Insider on the most important and relevant topics. In particular, about the collapse of Facebook, he reports that this is the beginning of an active phase of a social experiment on a planetary scale.

“According to the assurances of the Secret Insider, about 40% of what is on Facebook are fake accounts, bots, and artificial intelligence that owns not only this network, but, in fact, the lives of all those who use Facebook.

And the last scandal with revelations from a former Facebook employee and this server collapse, when Facebook was offline for about six hours, have, it turns out, a very serious and deep background.

These disclosures and hearings in Congress are being held in order to maximize the requirements for the behavior of people within this social network.

Any unfriendly statement - there, you don't like some kind of race, or your ruler, and you feel negative emotions towards him - if you share this on Facebook, then you will all be brought under the laws of your countries, they will be tried and imprisoned...

So says the Secret Insider.

A glitch that happened, and Facebook was not "online" for six hours, it turns out that it was all planned technical work that transferred the algorithms for the functioning of the entire Facebook network to blockchain algorithms.

And those blockchain algorithms that will now be involved, they will control the behavior of people in this social network as tightly as possible, they will calculate all the dissatisfied and bring them under the laws of their states.

A secret insider warns that you will be judged, you will be imprisoned.

Therefore, delete your accounts, delete your pages. As far as I know, this is almost impossible to do. But at least you can uninstall the application, which I did after receiving this information.

I deleted the application from my smartphone, and I can tell you that it is registered there a lot. I spent time on this - it's not like deleting the application with one button and that's it, but I also climbed inside and removed a lot of tails from this application. As far as I could, I cleaned it all up.

In general, change your photo, remove phone numbers, e-mail, get out of there, warns the Secret Insider.

Now they will use Facebook against you to the fullest.

Therefore, do not tempt fate.

... Now the new technology will work in full.

People's behavior will change.

The news that you will receive will seem nonsense to you.

You will see and hear things that you have never seen or heard before.

You will be told about archaeological finds, discoveries made in space, that we are not alone in the Universe, and so on.

More and more will provide evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

All this should lead to the fact that we will lose the line between reality and unreality.

And this is not because we are crazy, but because they are actively working on us. It will start on November 1st.

Be prepared: hopelessness will be instilled in us, do not fall for it.

For everything about everything, they should take 1250 or 1260 days, approximately, according to the time of the active phase - like the Great Patriotic War. Well, 3, 5 years, roughly, this madhouse will continue. Well, if you read the Bible, the Apocalypse, it’s just about these numbers that we are talking about.

What to do? How to behave?

The most important thing, says The Insider, is not to participate in these games of theirs.

He cites a holiday in Spain as an example. Not a bullfight, but when bulls are allowed through the streets of the city and people are trying to escape from them.

The bulls raise someone on their horns, someone can be trampled, but they do not touch someone.

This will be something reminiscent of such games.

This is fun old enough, Jesuits and Freemasons.

The bottom line is that if you try your luck, tease a bull, run in front of him, then in almost 99% of cases the bulls will overtake you, raise you on their horns, trample.

But, pay attention: if you watch these footage, you will see that people who just calmly stand along the walls, where angry bulls and frostbitten townspeople who decide to take part in these races run, the bulls are running by. That is, those who stand on the sidelines - they do not touch.

So we, so that we are not carried away by this incredible stream of information that will now be given to us, starting from November 1, we just need to just stand on the sidelines and indifferently watch what will happen”.

The entire commentary by the Evil Ecologist can be viewed here.