Posted 13 октября 2021,, 06:19

Published 13 октября 2021,, 06:19

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Fugitive Russian official detained in Montenegro with fake passport

Fugitive Russian official detained in Montenegro with fake passport

13 октября 2021, 06:19
The former head of Rosalkogolregulirovanie Igor Chuyan (pictured), detained by Interpol officers on October 1, lived in Montenegro under a fake Ukrainian passport, which indicated a false name - Igor Levin.

According to RBC, referring to a source familiar with the course of the criminal case, in August the investigation in the Russian Federation sent to Interpol the first page of the Ukrainian passport in the name of Levin, which helped to find the former official.

In addition, a photo of a residence permit was published on the Radio Jadran portal, which was issued in the name of a citizen of Ukraine Igor Levin, but the photo and date of birth corresponded to Chuyan's data.

According to the interlocutor of RBC, Chuyan had a Ukrainian passport, which he received in 2019, and the published copy had the date of issue - 2020.

It's worth reminding that Chuyan was accused in absentia of extradition through the OFK unsecured loans controlled by his LLC "Status-group". Thus, damage was caused in the amount of 30 billion rubles. Chuyan's property was arrested.

Together with Chuyan, the ex-owner of the Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov was detained in Montenegro.

Chuyan headed Rosalkogolregulirovanie in 2011-2018. The most memorable initiative of Igor Chuyan was the introduction of the minimum retail price for alcohol in 2011. After that, the price of vodka in the first five years soared from 89 to 220 rubles per 0.5 liter.

In May of this year, the Meshchansky Court of Moscow established that during the years of its work it controlled the country's largest vodka producer "Status Group", which owned such brands as "Staraya Marka", "Dobry Medved" and "Kalina Krasnaya".