Posted 13 октября 2021,, 06:19

Published 13 октября 2021,, 06:19

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Mortgage borrowers get divorced less often

Mortgage borrowers get divorced less often

13 октября 2021, 06:19
The decision to divorce negatively affects the payment discipline of mortgage clients, and the share of divorces among borrowers in Russia does not exceed 3-5%.

Such data follow from the millet of the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPKA), the results of which are cited by RIA Novosti.

Analysts noted that about half of mortgage borrowers are married people, in total there are more than one and a half million of them. Most of them took out mortgages after being married for several years. More than half of the borrowers took out a mortgage after the birth of a child.

The researchers stated that the share of divorces of mortgage borrowers is several times lower than the national average: no more than 3-5% versus 50% in Russia as a whole.

"According to the latest data from opinion polls, every second marriage in Russia ends in divorce. Thus, at the moment, at least 45-75 thousand mortgage borrowers are divorced or in the process of divorce", - analysts noted.

Financial difficulties are becoming the cause of default in 90% of debtors. As NAPKA specified, now 20 thousand families have defaulted on mortgages. Of these, 15-20% are divorced.

At the same time, by the way, in the Far Eastern Federal District, on the contrary, the number of divorces increased - for the sake of a mortgage. We are talking about a mortgage program "for a young family" with a rate of 2%. Divorces are fictitious, that is, in practice, such families continue to live together, but they pay much less on the loan.