Posted 13 октября 2021,, 10:35

Published 13 октября 2021,, 10:35

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"There are signs of a frameup..." The public stood up for the rector Zuyev

"There are signs of a frameup..." The public stood up for the rector Zuyev

13 октября 2021, 10:35
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The detention of the rector of the famous Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (Shaninka) Sergey Zuyev caused outrage in the opposition.

As already reported to "Novye Izvestia", in the framework of the fraud case of the former Deputy Minister of Education and ex-Vice President of Sberbank Marina Rakova, the rector of the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (Shaninki) Sergey Zuyev was detained.

Marina Rakova herself is suspected of large-scale fraud in connection with embezzlement of budget funds during the implementation of the Education program. She faces up to ten years in prison. She is currently in custody.

The detention of the rector of the university, on which the Russian authorities have long been "sharpening their teeth", received a wide response in the media and social networks. One of the arguments for such an attitude is, for example, the following: “at the moment the MSSES provides its students with the opportunity to train abroad - in the UK, France, Germany, the USA and other countries. The university is part of the educational network that was created by the West in Eastern Europe, including Russia, to change public thought in these countries..."

It is this circumstance that prompted the experts to draw far-reaching conclusions. For example, Yekaterina Shulman, a political scientist and teacher of Shaninki, says:

“Of course, this is a big blow for any university when its head is subject to criminal prosecution. I still think that the main plot of the case is the money of the national project Education and the Ministry of Education, and Shanika is here collateral damage. But, I suspect, for those who organize and conduct such cases, this is a combination of business with pleasure".

And political scientist Kirill Rogov believes that the charges against Sergey Zuyev have almost all possible signs of a frameup:

“Any person, even a little bit familiar with the subject, understands that we are talking about a grant program, in which a large number of people were involved, who, in fact, received mainly the money allocated to the university within the framework of the program. Therefore, the accusation of misappropriation of 21 million rubles by Zuyev is some kind of fantasy. Or rather, most likely a deliberate falsification, designed to create an impression of a crime committed, which, in reality, did not exist.

Perhaps there are some questions about the nature of the use of money or the quality of the results obtained. It could be. But this has nothing to do with the concept of "theft of 21 million rubles." Theft of 21 million rubles is not uncommon in Russia. But not in universities. There is no such lafa.

An attempt to create the impression that there was a crime that did not actually take place is the first sign of a frameup.

The second most important sign of a frameup is the fact that Sergey Zuyev remains in custody. Zuyev that attacked someone with a knife? Tried to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border through the swamp at night? Why detention?

The answer is known to every Russian. Zuyev must be kept in custody in order to persuade him to at least partially confess guilt in a situation where law enforcement agencies have insufficient or no grounds for a case against him. This is repeated in such cases from time to time.

And in general, let's conduct a survey. Law enforcement agencies have charged the rector of the famous Moscow university with embezzlement of 21 million rubles, he denies this. Which of the parties to the conflict, which institution are you more likely to suspect of systemic corruption - the rector of the university or law enforcement? Where is more money being rowed? The poll answer is also known.

And further. The fact that the Russian law enforcement system has recognized the Anti-Corruption Foundation as an extremist organization and the initiation of cases like the Zuyev case are again links in the same fucking chain. Although someone, and perhaps even Sergey Zuyev himself, wanted to think that these are completely different things..."

Political analyst Pyotr Shchedrovitsky does not believe a single word of law enforcement agencies at all:

“And I don’t believe whoever and how the accusations were formulated in the end. I know too well how representatives of power structures “work”, seeking to achieve “confessions”, regular “stars” or simply improving statistics.

When, in general, an elderly and not very healthy person is interrogated for more than 30 hours, it is obvious to me that a specific task has been set for the performers - by any means "to eliminate" the unwanted person. Whether Sergey Eduardovich himself is such a person, or someone else - we will certainly find out very soon.

I have known Sergey Zuyev for 30 years.

For those who do not know: Sergey Eduardovich Zuyev - Rector of the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences, Dean of the Institute of Public Policy and Applied Humanitarian Research of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Service, project manager for developing a strategy for the country's socio-economic development until 2025, visit- Professor at the University of Manchester, expert in international cultural and educational programs at the Council of Europe.

I will add to this that for many years Sergey Eduardovich has been selflessly engaged in teaching. He has given a start in life to hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of specialists in the field of social sciences, management of cultural institutions and social projects.

Today, not only the good name, but also the life of Sergey Eduardovich is in danger. I ask everyone who can in any way help him return home - to make this effort..."

TV presenter and writer Alexander Arkhangelsky is sure of Zuyev's impeccable reputation:

“Sergey Zuyev was taken away, despite his illness, to a pre-trial detention center. I have known Zuyev for many years. He is one of the best sociologists of culture in the country, the administrative heir of Theodor Shanin, and most importantly - a decent person, not about money.

I am ready to vouch for him at least for the earthly judgment, even at the Terrible.

It is clear that the valiant authorities did not follow Shaninka (where Shaninka - and where is the Ministry of Pros, where Shaninka - and where Sberbank), but were looking for something to catch on in the case of Marina Rakova. Which I am not personally familiar with, but whose educational projects, primarily the digital school of Sberbank, are wonderful and undermine the monopoly. They need a reason, they used a formal lead, a grant to the university. But that doesn't make it any easier...".

Opposition politician, graduate of Shaninka Yulia Galyamina, in connection with these events, urged her readers to defend this university, as one of the last bastions of modern thought in the vast sea of archaism, which is imposed around them by those who have seized power in our country:

“Rector Sergey Zuyev has been detained. I am sure that the entire structure with this criminal case was built exactly for this: to strike at Shaninka. The Kremlin is betting on deception, theft and violence. And such people do not need either free thought or development. They see Russia as dense, poor, rattling weapons outside and humiliating people inside. We want to see Russia normal: free, thinking, rich and open to the world. As a graduate of Shaninka, I am sure that we will still live in such a country. But for now it is necessary to protect those who are moving our country in this direction, to protect Shaninka..."