Posted 13 октября 2021,, 12:39

Published 13 октября 2021,, 12:39

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Two peas in a pod: The audience did not find the difference between the new "Game" and the old show Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted

Two peas in a pod: The audience did not find the difference between the new "Game" and the old show Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted

13 октября 2021, 12:39
According to the majority, in terms of the quality of humor this spectacle is not much different from KVN (Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted).

The network continues to lively discuss the new show on TNT "Game", which turned out to be like two peas in a pod similar to KVN, whose founding father Alexander Maslyakov could not resist commenting:

“Without even trying to somehow modify something, they take a project that has existed for many years and mold it for a lot of money. There they will eventually have some kind of champions who should receive 30 million rubles. It's not that I'm ashamed of them, although it is immoral, in my opinion, in relation to hundreds of thousands of young guys who are interested in this game. It is immoral to make such bets in order to play KVN, do you understand?"

The head of KVN also noted that the recognized show is still popular among young people. He cannot understand why create a similar product in the face of an overabundance of humorous content. In this situation, the bets are placed not on humor, but on the money involved in the next project.

Separately, Maslyakov touched upon the issue of the formation of the creators of the new show. The celebrity stressed that many of them once left KVN. Given the degree of criticism, the presenter is not going to sue the management of the "Game". He is of the opinion that such radical steps should be taken by the TV channel.

Many Russian media outlets came out with a similar reaction, so it all looks like a big grudge against their pupils, who encroached on the most sacred and decided to kill their creator.

Moreover, the public was shocked by one more fact: on the air of the “Game” show, during the performance of the Kamyazy team, two artists kissed each other on the lips. Comedians showed a scene with a wedding. Denis Dorokhov in a woman's wig and dress played the bride. At the end of the number, he knelt down and kissed the comedian Alexander Panekin, who played the groom.

This episode caused a lot of noise. For example, the Tula Cossacks were agitated, claiming that the comedians were promoting non-traditional values and violating the norms of Russian law. Ataman of the Western District Cossack Society and deputy of the Tula Regional Duma Alexei Alkhovik said that "the old people of the Tula Cossacks expressed the opinion that the TNT channel is often engaged in promoting a way of life that is alien to us." The Cossacks demanded to close the popular channel:

"Today, a same-sex kiss on the screen, and tomorrow the destruction of family values, religion, country..."

"Veterans of Russia " also did not stand aside, which also demanded to close the "Game" show. The chairman of the movement, Ildar Rezyapov, has already sent complaints to the TFR and the Prosecutor General's Office.

However, the experts of the Methodichka channel write that the reaction of viewers to the event turned out to be funnier than the event itself:

“Initially, there was a joke about this, if you look at the entire issue: how horrible, disgusting and forbidden in Russia is the kiss of a man in a woman's dress, it is so shocking that the Kazakh's eyes widened in the jury. The deputies did not disappoint and continued the show - the Vyborny deputy intends to appeal to the prosecutor's office. Previously, he found propaganda for debauchery on Instagram Dolce & Gabbana. The trend continues that advocates of heterosexual contacts only respond to male kisses, lesbians on television do not outrage them. It is more noteworthy in the situation with the "Game" that the deputies, in fact, intend, on the contrary, to protect the honor of gays. The act itself, where a terrible funny man in a dress depicts someone who is not clear, is a blow to same-sex relationships as the norm in which ordinary-looking people are. There is no propaganda of same-sex relationships here - this is banter, offensive for someone. The deputies rushed to protect gays from this banter.

Defenders of LGBT rights can quite easily unite with the deputy Vyborny and others in a request to the prosecutor's office. Will wait…"

Popular blogger Mikhail Nefyodov appreciated the new show, supporting Maslyakov in the fact that "Game" is exactly a copy, and the original will remain in KVN, well, at least while he is alive. But at the same time Nefyodov liked "The Game", although he expected more from her. In his opinion, the new show lacks speed, subtlety, and novelty. Entering the stage, the masters of the old school seriously overestimate the expectation, but in fact they do not always come up to expectations:

“Yes, the show turned out, even if it’s not a new format, but everything was done with a loud statement “we are doing a new KVN”, they say, the old one is already rotten. A lot of viewers, discussions, including in the media - can be considered a good start to the project".

"KVN-participants, after KVN and before, were the stars of so many humorous shows that broke the formats and made the channels rating, some of them even surpassed KVN in traffic, but all this was with the prefix "former KVNschik" (former member of the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted - editor's note) and this only added status to KVN".

Thousands of people dreamed of getting into KVN, then to get a start in life and become that very "former KVNschik". Almost all the now popular comedians in Russia were somehow connected with KVN.

There were a lot of rumors that comedians were being squeezed, that there was strong censorship on KVN, that the funniest thing was left behind the scenes, and now everything will be healed, we will joke without borders ...

And what we saw - the most ordinary walk-through performance, sometimes very good, sometimes completely disastrous, well, yes, they inserted obscene words, two men kissed on stage (not everyone even felt funny), directly discussed their intimate details and details of some football stars.

Swearing and jokes below the baseboard have long been difficult to surprise the Internet. And in your attempts to copy KVN, you copied all its disadvantages, stretching the program for long exits, performances, dialogues, and just empty silence.

Making a joke so that everyone understands everything, but at the same time not swearing and not uttering obscenities is a skill that they could not learn in the GAME.

KVN is very stretched, it is really difficult for young people who are accustomed to the rhythm of the Internet to watch it today, but this is already a classic and a whole ceremony that everyone watches with respect for the program..."

But the most curious thing is that most of the readers in the comments to the post of Nefyodov were equally skeptical about the "Game" and the KVN:

- With the censorship, these KVN shows became meaningless. It was interesting to watch it in the 1990s. Now it is a goggle toothless freak show with the "toilet" humor.

Humor - this is is "Dolls" show that aired on NTV from 1994 to 2002

That KVN for the last 15 years, that these new-appeared in the show "Game". They are clones, only the money was distributed past Maslyakov and his son. Well, that's already enough to eat in one throat, there are no eternal ones.

And it cannot be, otherwise the genre dies out, poisoning everyone with corpse poisons...