Posted 14 октября 2021,, 16:32

Published 14 октября 2021,, 16:32

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8 years in prison for reading! How Lukashenko weaned of reading opposition publications

14 октября 2021, 16:32
In Belarus, subscribers of telegram channels declared extremist will also be tried for extremism. More than 100 telegram channels are recognized as extremist in the country. Most of them criticize Alexander Lukashenko.

Everything that happens in Minsk clearly shows what happens when the security forces get not only uncontrolled power, but also complete carte blanche.

Meanwhile, just yesterday evening, the number of subscribers to the famous opposition channel Nexta dropped by several tens of thousands of users. And all because the authorities equated “subscription to extremist telegram channels” with a criminal offense, about the same rank as treason. So negligent subscribers can easily get up to 8 years in prison.

Lukashenko's henchmen explain this measure by the fact that subscription, in fact, means membership in an “extremist terrorist organization”.

Social psychologist Alexey Roshchin comments on this event:

“You read such news from the Republic of Bashkortostan - and you catch yourself in a strange feeling. Some kind of ambivalence. No, on the one hand, of course - indignation, anger, rejection of lawlessness ... But this is mixed with something much less tolerant and common to all mankind, maybe even shameful: little by little, some kind of, the devil knows, disgust grows in my soul? Something so disgusting about themselves, I beg your pardon, Belarusians.

Because - well, what is it... A wacky collective farmer mocks them in general, like a village sadist. No longer knows what else to think of. He ordered to beat the demonstrators on their bare asses, then came up with a natural Ku Klux Klan in relation to the opposition - to hang (!) Them in city parks under the windows of peaceful inhabitants; now 8-year terms for channel subscriptions - next what? Not kissed the boots of a life-long dictator - to plant them on a stake in the central square?

And they have everything - "peaceful protest". They are proud (!) That they stood on benches during demonstrations in socks. You have a madman at the head of the country, moreover, an impostor and a usurper, who lost the elections a year ago - isn't that a shame? And good if he relied on some compelling force - say, China would have sent a million soldiers into the "blue-eyed" for his support; but there is nothing of the kind! A certain number of their own tonton macoutes - AND EVERYTHING that Sasha and Kolya rely on!

That is, every single Belarusian who suffers from the local “legions of death” is terribly sorry; and the people themselves ...

And everything seems to be logical, but a vile little thought flashes: and in fact, they probably thought so about us in the world when they read ARCHIPELAGO GULAG. It's a pity for each individual victim of the meat grinder, but in general all these Russians - yes damn it, what kind of nation is this ?? Why did they put up with it ?! To evoke pity is kind of good, it's nice when you feel sorry. But to be pathetic - brrrr!

Dialectics, her mother".

Political scientist Igor Skurlatov is perplexed about the same thing:

“Where are the patriotic power structures? Not tired of enduring at the head of the power of a person who has already become a household name for everyone who plunders the country and makes money himself along with his family? He built such "socialism" in the republic with an "animal" (own) face.

Now the owner of Belarus, whom we ourselves, alas, promoted in Moscow to the post of President of the Republic of Belarus in 1994, has decided to arrest everyone who subscribes to the opposition TG channels. "They are extremists," says the distraught old man. "Thief shouts stop thief". In fact, he is the main extremist, and the people are his victim.

One often hears unscientific appeals and manifestos asserting that it is a certain "people" who decide something there. But look at today's Belarus. Or to Russia of the 2011-2012 sample. Or even to Russia in 1991 and 1993. Where were the people there?

The crowds came out only to give legitimacy to the coups that were taking place within the ruling elites, and even more precisely, the passionate groups of organizers, whose main goal was to seize the supreme power and carry out "reforms" in the form in which they thought it expedient. This is the historical essence of the transformations. Everything else - the subjective and objective causes of revolutions - is secondary. Including - ideological, historical and cultural-philosophical justifications.

"Give me a point of support - I will turn the Earth", - said Archimedes. "Give me three organizers - I will take power," said the great revolutionaries, including Lenin, Castro and others. And they found organizers. And they took power..."

However, this event has one oddity, which the journalist Alexey Pivovarov drew attention to, who noticed that people who make decisions like this do not understand anything about how Telegram channels work (that you can read the channel without being on it signed), neither in how user behavior is arranged, nor in general on the Internet.

But it doesn't matter to them, because they have an absolute readiness to imprison and torture anyone who opposes Alexander Lukashenko. And this is what gives what is happening in the republic the look of the absolute Middle Ages - much earlier than "before the Internet", - conclude Pivovarov.