Posted 14 октября 2021, 08:46

Published 14 октября 2021, 08:46

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Unity is the strength: metro passengers gave a collective rebuff to the troublemakers

14 октября 2021, 08:46
A recent incident in the Moscow subway, when only one man out of the entire carriage risked his life and dared to confront three thugs, aroused public opinion. Immediately began to complain that no one helped the braveheart, and that in the country "real men" do not exist anymore...

And it must happen that only a few days later a similar incident occurred in the Moscow metro.

This time, several aggressive-minded men began to molest the girl right in the carriage, according to the Moscow 24 channel.

According to eyewitnesses, another passenger immediately interceded for her, and a little later, the others who were nearby. Deboshirov eventually managed to get off the train at the Tekstilshchiki station, where police officers were already waiting for them.

It should be noted that the majority of readers reacted happily to this news:

- As long as we are one,

We are invincible!

And so it is necessary to be everywhere and in everything, and not to chew snot.

- Finally, woke up! Normal passengers were in the car!

- Finally, if everyone always helps each other, life will become easier and life will be better!

- This is how the attitude towards hooligans and boors should be. Cohesion and support will prevail! PEOPLE, BE FRIENDLY AND COMBINED!

And skeptical remarks were very rare:

- And this happens during the day in the subway, where a crowd of people! Imagine what is happening on quiet streets, alleys, bus stops, etc. especially in the evening ?!


A similar incident occurred in Yekaterinburg, where a conflict between passengers broke out in a city tram, blogger Alexander Morozov reports. According to the passengers, there was a group of teenagers on the tram who shouted, swore, and behaved defiantly. Someone "did not notice", someone sluggishly made comments to the adolescents, which they did not pay attention to. And the giggling and swearing continued. Until a man with a bushy beard on the tram intervened. He came up and told them to stop the noise and swearing. According to eyewitnesses, the teenagers "sent him far."

It was then that he told the boys that he himself had begged and "will bring them up according to the norms of the Soviet era." After the Uraletsk gave a short lecture on good manners and threw two guys out of the tram at the first stop, and the third, who behaved calmly, left in the tram.

Interestingly, when discussing this case, Yekaterinburg residents disagreed. Some were indignant at the assault, others, on the contrary, considered it the most intelligible, "Soviet method of education."

In connection with these events, the host of the popular "Cotoblog" Ivan asked the question whether the complaints that the so-called "muzhiks" had been transferred to Russia were justified?

What kind of men can we talk about if three drunken criminals, who are also armed with knives and a gas canister, deliberately provoke passengers? And not only, because without hesitation they used the weapon even against the police! That is why the situation in which there is one daredevil has only two options for development:

The first of them is this: if this hero is fluent in hand-to-hand fighting techniques, and is able to knock out three scum alone, while avoiding being stabbed, he has very little chance of avoiding criminal prosecution himself. For those who were beaten by him, not only witnesses will immediately stand up, but also cameras, which will show that no one touched you with a finger, and that you yourself started a fight.

So, by the way, recently it was near Novosibirsk, "where citizens without nationality famously demanded to hand over to them for reprisals as much as a whole police officer who shot their fellow-degenerate ..." - the blogger reminds. And then the relatives of the beaten will come into play, and hell will begin for the voluntary savior - so he will consider it good luck to get off with a suspended sentence. Such precedents have already happened more than once. The blogger recalled the story of the Buryat Chimit Tarmaev, who was attacked in the metro by a company of 6 people, and he, saving his life, stabbed one of them with a knife. He served eight years - for exceeding the boundaries of self-defense ...

The second option, at first glance, is peaceful - to try to negotiate with the bandits. But then if they don't kill you, then they will definitely "turn into a plant", and the bandits simply won't be found, as is often the case ...

The defender of the girl from the three thugs essentially did not solve anything, exchanging health for their freedom. He was just lucky that he was not killed, and that the criminals did not manage to escape ... In 99% of such cases, he would have died and they would not have been found.

And when someone in the carriage makes a noise, and an active aunt calls on those same men to do something, then such a man stands, scrolls all this in his head and realizes that now, out of the blue, he can break his whole future life. And, a bonus, and the life of their aunts. For example, mothers, wives, daughters. They will never approve when they find out that their son / husband / father will be bedridden due to abuse in the subway. Or he will leave for years to vacuum Siberia. And what should a man choose? (...)

Citizens howling about absent men live in their own rosy world. There you can somehow calm down three drunken swaggering degenerates with knives so that no one even gets hurt and everything will end quietly and peacefully, and everyone will remain friends. But this only happens in sofa fantasies. In life, aggression is suppressed only by more aggression. And this, in turn, leads to health problems for some and with the law for others. Unfortunately, this is how real life works..."

As a result, the blogger advises in such situations to simply press the communication button with the driver and call the police to the carriage, since only this, and not heroic intercession, can solve the problem:

“If a police officer has a service certificate and can shoot such a creature like a mad dog, then a citizen cannot do this. A citizen, with a probability of 100%, will be stabbed..."

Therefore, we need to talk not about the fact that the men were transferred, but about the fact that the smart ones were transferred, - the blogger is sure, reporting that he himself called the police in the subway using this button many times, and always successfully.

It is difficult to argue with this logic, but it is still possible. But then it will be necessary to recall again the fierce debate about whether to allow the free circulation of firearms in the country?