Posted 14 октября 2021,, 16:53

Published 14 октября 2021,, 16:53

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Unvaccinated citizens in Latvia have become second-class people

14 октября 2021, 16:53
All countries have their own distinctive features in how to deal with the pandemic, but one way or another, in the opinion of many people, the measures taken are increasingly beginning to resemble the prison-camp regime.

Video comments and posts by Konstantin Chekushin, chairman of the Consent faction in the Riga City Council, help shed light on how things are going against the background of covid in small Latvia, whose population is just under 2 million.

For the readers of Novye Izvestia, we will explain that this party traditionally fights for the rights of the Russian-speaking population of the Baltic republic, and 37% of the inhabitants consider Russian as the “language of the family” in Latvia.

In his yesterday's post, the Riga deputy Konstantin Chekushin published two shots that cause shock: in the first photo, unvaccinated people are praying behind the fence of the famous Latvian basilica in the town of Aglona (it is also called the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located 250 km from Riga - editor's note), and the second depicts the grates in one of the shopping centers in Riga. Here is what Konstantin wrote about this:

“The first photo from August 14 from Aglona. Unvaccinated people are praying behind the fence.

And the second photo from the shopping center (now), where the places for the vaccinated and unvaccinated were divided by bars.

In this fight against the pandemic, we are rapidly losing something that sets us apart from animals...

From October 18, on all public transport routes, in accordance with the rules of the Cabinet of Ministers, discounts on public transport subsidized by the municipality or the state will no longer apply for unvaccinated adults.

What do you think will happen when the control starts to kick out and fine grandparents who do not have a QR-code?

It is especially unpleasant that some people will immediately say: "Serves them right!" And they will find some kind of justification. "You should have read paragraph 5.27 of the Cabinet of Ministers' rules, because it has been hanging on the Internet for a week already". Well, or: "No vaccination - stay at home". Or something else.

In these difficult times, I really want people to find the strength to maintain empathy for their neighbors in the country.

Although I am grafted, my feet will not be in any place where all these lattices, which cause terrible associations.

This is not a reproach to the shopping center, they only comply with the laws, but out of solidarity. I do not want to participate in this division. I'll grind it up somehow".

By the way, the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers yesterday supported the amendments to the Law on Combating Covid-19, developed by the Ministry of Welfare, which provide for a monthly support of 20 euros from November this year to March 2022 for vaccinated elderly people , reports the Latvian press portal. lv. At this difficult time, Latvia does not intend to support old people who, for any reason, have refused the injection.

Further, in his video commentary “Latvia, according to Levits, has only two troubles: language and occupation” (Egils Levits - President of Latvia - note by “Novye Izvestia"), Konstantin Chekushin says:

“On 7 October this year, the President of Latvia, Egils Levits, visited the Riga City Council.

In the beginning, as is customary, there was a meeting with the mayor (Martyn Stakis - editor's note), then with the leaders of the factions.

I asked the president a very simple question: “Covid has been taking lives for a long time in the country, people are dying in the thousands. Mr. President, are you ready to admit that it was a mistake not to provide information about the danger of the virus in Russian from the very beginning?"

The faces opposite were sour, as from the taste of lemon.

The President began to tell that over the years of independence, everyone could already learn Latvian. The President did not like our question, oh, he didn’t like it.

And only at the end of his speech, he still managed to force out that, "maybe this is still an exceptional case, when it is possible, probably, in addition in Russian".

After that, Mr. Levits went to speak to the deputies and residents of Riga in the Great Hall, where he talked about what he considers the most important, the most important in the country and the city.

He told about his initiative to declare October 15 as the Day of the Latvian Language.

And he also called in his speech the Monument to the Liberators in Riga "an occupying structure" and that next to it there is a necessary explanatory plate - apparently, about the "occupiers".

Here is our president "for all residents of Latvia".

After the Riga City Council, he went to a school for national minorities - to the Purvciems classical gymnasium, to talk about the importance of the transition of education to the Latvian language.

And all this against the background of the fact that Russian children are rapidly beginning to lag behind in their studies due to the lack of teachers, teaching aids, thoughtful reforms and this damn remoteness.

Against the background of the fact that several thousand adolescents from difficult families in general, consider that they are completely deprived of education at a distance.

And they are deprived of the only opportunity - to eat a hot lunch at school.

I'm not even talking about the fact that society is becoming impoverished against the background of rising tariffs and anxiously awaiting new restrictions due to covid.

All this proves how far the president is from the people, from their pains from worries.

Language and occupation, occupation and language - that's all the president is interested in.

It's a shame for such a president.

Latvia is a wonderful country. We have a good, hardworking people, and these people deserve a better president. "

One of the subscribers of Konstantin Chekushin, who does not live in Latvia, asked the chairman of the "Consent" faction a typical for people unfamiliar with the realities of the country, the question of why it was impossible to learn the Latvian language normally during so many years of independence of the republic.

“People are who they are. If they have the possibility of not knowing something, they will not know it.

You can guess or analyze the reasons for this, but there is simply a fact - we have a large number of elderly people who either do not know the language at all, or do not know it well and, in any case, would prefer to draw information in a more convenient form for them. For example, Russian TV. And there they only broadcast about Sputnik, for example.

Considering that there are such people in the country, it is necessary to work with them, especially when the issue concerns life and death, as in the case of the covid. The disease does not look at the knowledge of the language - everyone gets sick, everyone carries the virus.

Therefore, it is a stupidity that we have such laws that prohibited delivering important information to our citizens in a convenient form on behalf of the state”, - the deputy replied.