Posted 18 октября 2021, 12:48

Published 18 октября 2021, 12:48

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Ordinary fascism: Texas schoolchildren will be taught a "different point of view" on the Holocaust

18 октября 2021, 12:48
The state's school curriculum authors regard the Holocaust as "an example of a historical event that requires the teacher to keep other books with" opposing "views on hand."

Network analyst Dmitry Shulgin called the events taking place in the US state of Texas "ordinary fascism":

“Fascists have come to power in Texas. Unfortunately, this is not a figurative expression.

A North Texas school district leader instructed teachers that if they have books about the Holocaust in their classroom libraries, they should also include books that present the “opposite” (Nazi) view of the Holocaust.

In line with that order, last week at a training session, a school administrator in Southlake, Texas, began explaining to school teachers how to follow the district's new rules when checking books.

Nazi "innovations" in teaching were first reported by NBC News. After teachers expressed their, to say the least, “frustration and confusion” about the new guidelines, Gina Peddy, curriculum executive and new district policymaker, said the Holocaust is “an example of a historic event that requires other books with “opposing” views should also be kept on hand for teachers".

An audio recording of the brainwashing of teachers by Nazi ideology was secretly captured by a school employee and shared with CNN. CNN reached out to Peddy for comment, but received no response..."

It is worth adding to this that Texas is one of the American states, the majority of whose residents traditionally vote for the Republican Party, and have provided serious support to the former US President Donald Trump.