Posted 18 октября 2021,, 10:44

Published 18 октября 2021,, 10:44

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Vadim Shegalov: "The Creeping Gender Revolution Establishes a New World Order"

18 октября 2021, 10:44
“It would seem that I am engaged in such a thing that I meet with shocking news every day, but every time it seems to me that this is not a“ bottom ”, because the“ bottom ”can be broken every day. But today, I think, I saw a “record” of this “broken bottom” for the entire time of working with such news content".

With these words, the writer, cryptographer, occult researcher Vadim Shegalov began a new video on his Plandemia channel.

"Airline British airways - stops to say" ladies and gentlemen "(ladies and gentlemen - a comment of" NO. "), For the sake of diversity and inclusiveness. News from October 12.

Ladies and gentlemen, you might not trust a company that has nothing to do with reality, when that company is responsible for your safety at 30,000 feet (10,000 meters).

I wonder if British airways still trusts scientific facts such as aerodynamic force and gravity. Who are you, worthless people, to tell an airplane without wings that it cannot fly?

The Telegraph reported the announcement was made in the past few weeks, and while the news report indicated that pilots and crew were told not to speak "ladies and gentlemen" in favor of gender neutral language, it is unclear what they should be speaking at all. instead of this.

“We welcome diversity and inclusiveness. And we strive to ensure that all of our customers feel welcome when traveling with us, ”a British airways spokesman told The Telegraph. The spokesperson also told I News that the airline is committed to inclusive language so that “all our customers feel welcome” and has been using inclusive language at the airport for over a year.

British Airways is not the only company to capitulate to the new "religion of awakening."

I News also reported that Air Canada was the first major airline to switch to gender-neutral greetings in October 2019.

This airline says the word "everyone" instead of "ladies and gentlemen" (ie - everyone).

Japan airlines and Lufthansa made the changes in July 2020. These airlines say "dear guests" instead of "ladies and gentlemen".

Air Malta and Australia's Quantas have also removed the words “ladies and gentlemen” from their greetings.

I honestly don't care if the airline says "guests" or "passengers" instead of the formal greeting that is mostly used in theater productions today.

The problem is that they put on such a grand show to bow before the altar of sexual fetishes and identity dysphoria. "

This was written by the author of this satirical article and I fully subscribe to his opinion.

I will add on my own that all this is part of the desire to establish a New World Order, where there will be gender neutrality, where the lines between the sexes are erased absolutely deliberately, and not in favor of some sexual minorities.

They do not care about all these sexual minorities, as well as about ethnic minorities, they just want to use all these minorities to establish a New World Order and break the old established system. Naturally, this separation of the sexes, the formal separation of classes - classes will always remain a social part of the life of any society.

However, they want to create the impression among people that equality is established at absolutely all levels, all previously oppressed national, sexual minorities, and so on, and other freaks are equalized in rights in relation to the state, formally absolutely, but in fact we are talking about that the rights will be taken away from everyone absolutely.

And now, with the help of such a campaign, which portrays that they are acting for the benefit of some minorities and establish justice, in fact, all this is the desire to establish a general order, where everyone, including these same minorities, will suffer no less than others.

Well. Of course, for this purpose, an additional split is now being introduced into society, where the conservatively-minded or normal part of society will rebel against such advanced inclusive people who profess a "new religion."

The second news seems absolutely fantastic and just a year ago it would have seemed absolutely incredible.

But now changes are proceeding at such a speed that what in 2020 would seem like just a satire from satire-type magazines is becoming a reality today.

California introduces gender-neutral toy sections.

... California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law on Saturday that major retailers must provide gender-neutral toy sections, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Why It Matters: California is the first state to pass such a law. LGBTQ proponents point out that marketing techniques using shades of pink and blue “make kids conform to gender stereotypes,” AP said.

The California Consumer Federation supported the law, stating storing the same items that are traditionally sold to either girls or boys separately makes it difficult for a consumer to compare items and incorrectly imply that they are inappropriate for the same gender, "according to the Sacramento Bee newspaper.

Details: The bill, which will go into effect in 2024, has overcome opposition from Republicans and conservative groups who said it was an abuse of power.

The law states that retailers with 500 or more employees must sell toys and childcare products (excluding clothing) in a gender-neutral section that is labeled at the seller's discretion, regardless of whether they were sold traditionally for either gender - for girls or for boys.

Retailers may continue to offer other toys and baby care products that are marketed specifically for boys or girls.

Companies that fail to comply with the law could face a $ 250 civil fine for the first violation and $ 500 for any subsequent violations.

What they say: Democratic MP Evan Lowe, who introduced the law, said that “we need to stop what is appropriate for certain genders and just let children be children,” reports AP.

“I hope this law will encourage more businesses in California and the United States to avoid perpetuating harmful and outdated stereotypes,” he added.

Notably, retailers have moved away from gender stereotypes in recent years, with Target announcing in 2015 that it will stop using certain gender marks in its stores.

Well, you understand what "gender signs" are, say, a toilet: "M" and "F".

Here is a screenshot for the article. That is, this is not a joke, not a fantasy, not a satire.

That is, now the pointers to gender toilets will disappear, the “M” and “F” will disappear, the blue marks for those shelves that contain clothes and toys for boys and pink ones for girls will disappear.

All these are considered relics of the past.

We return to 1917, when we also tried to build a new society, strove for some wives, for the elimination of certain bourgeois stereotypes, and now, one might say, the Illuminati revolution is taking place, where practically the same methods and the same postulates are being introduced that were declared by those the most original Bavarian Illuminati in 1776.

And what seemed to have already sunk into oblivion, and even in late Soviet society it was quite funny and unimaginable, but all this is now returning to us. Including to the Russian Federation. Because all these large retailers have their representatives in Russia.

In all countries where these retail chains have their offices, they will introduce their own standards, and others will follow.

Thus, there is such a creeping revolution in the direction of establishing a New World Order and, of course, this will not be limited to the States. If any of you now think: well, let them be perverted at home - no, now the world is globalized and all these networks exist in other countries, including Russia, Ukraine and even Belarus.

It has a directional order, it is not "just the actions of some freaks" in individual States.

We must understand that this creeping revolution will take place everywhere.

Recently, by the way, I published a video where I talked about the fact that in several states the floor is removed from the birth certificate, now gender-neutral certificates are issued, an analogue of the Russian birth certificate.

And there will be more and more such states. That is, in this document on the birth of a child in the United States, neither "boy" nor "girl" will be written".

The entire video by Vadim Shegalov can be viewed here.