Posted 20 октября 2021,, 07:32

Published 20 октября 2021,, 07:32

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"Drag queen story hour": a new project in US schools shocks the public

"Drag queen story hour": a new project in US schools shocks the public

20 октября 2021, 07:32
"Lord, save Russia from this scum!" - According to the popular YouTube blogger "Sleigh in Florida" this is one of the most popular comments on his video about the education system in the United States. And now - another innovation: from now on drag queen lectures in American schools and libraries.

“To begin with, I'll give you a definition of what a drag queen is. In Russian, this is, in fact, a transvestite. Here's the official explanation: This is a person, usually a man, who uses clothing and makeup for entertainment purposes to mimic and often exaggerate female gender designations and gender roles.

In short, an American role model.

And now we, in American schools and libraries, have a Drag queen story hour - that is, "Hour of stories from transvestites." For kids. Let me show you.

Two transvestites are reading the book. The kids are walking around.

I am in disbelief from this girl's comment: "This is just an hour of stories where just people read books to children". And that's all. Fine. A curtain! I liked it, I just liked it!

We have it now even here in Florida, this is a conservative state. Orlando is generally such an entertaining city, there are a lot of parks, all this is very developed, but now it all goes to schools as well.

And here's another piece of news for you, the second "bottom" was reached in one video.

Here is the article: “The Mayor of Hudson is asking all five members of the Board of Education to resign or face possible criminal charges due to high school course materials that the judge called child pornography.

Mayor Craig Schuberts made the announcement at a board meeting Monday night after several parents complained about the content of some of the tips contained in a book called 642 Things to Write About.

What was there? The children were given assignments to write essays on specific topics. The topic was: "My sexual stories, which I would not tell my mother." Hmm... What?... Or: "How did I feel when I drank alcohol".

These are the themes for essays, can you imagine? In the children's book.

This teacher, apparently, read, and received some satisfaction from this. Of course, there is no need to tell mom about this, no, no, no.

I remember my 31st Physics and Mathematics Lyceum in Chelyabinsk, if a teacher asked me such a task, he would probably at least be fired from school the next day. And yet, as a maximum, probably, the law enforcement agencies would have dealt with them, under a bad article.

In general, there is a huge scandal in the Hudson now. "

“I found out that you guys are distributing child pornography in the classroom. I spoke to the judge today, she confirmed it. You have a simple choice: either you resign or we file formal charges, ”said Hudson Mayor Craig Schuberts.

That is, thank God, there are still sane people among Americans who understand that such materials are not only harmful, but also dangerous. "

The full video of Sani in Florida can be viewed here .