Posted 20 октября 2021,, 08:54

Published 20 октября 2021,, 08:54

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Students of the Kostroma Lyceum were fed sandwiches with green mold

Students of the Kostroma Lyceum were fed sandwiches with green mold

20 октября 2021, 08:54
Parents of Kostroma schoolchildren flooded social networks with complaints about the quality of school meals: in some educational institutions, chefs quit because of beggarly salaries. Instead of hot soups and tasty cutlets, children are fed moldy sandwiches.

According to the portal K1NEWS.RU, the most alarming situation has developed in the Kostroma Lyceum No. 32. Instead of full-fledged hot meals set for schoolchildren under the federal program, children are fed sandwiches and pies.

“There has never been anything hot since the beginning of the year. Give fruit, bun and tea, cocoa or cocoa sandwich. There are no chefs. And if the guys get something more satisfying, it turns out to be of inadequate quality. Cold semolina porridge, casserole with mold are only a small part of what children have been forced to eat for a long time”, - the newspaper notes.

School cooks, dissatisfied with a salary of 14 thousand rubles a month, quit their jobs in the summer. The authorities could not find a worthy replacement for the culinary specialists.

Officials initially reported that qualified chefs would be replaced by students from culinary colleges. However, this did not help to solve the problem.

“The food was not in accordance with the menu due to the absence of cooks due to illness on Friday. From Monday we work on a cyclical menu. On the issue of salaries, I can say that the salaries of the canteen workers have increased, as promised. I ask you to understand our difficulties and help if there is an opportunity, ”the director of the lyceum commented on the situation.

The city's education department said that the reason for the poor nutrition of children is not the lack of cooks, but their illness. At the same time, officials rejected complaints about the poor quality of products.

“All meals are strictly controlled, so every day children receive only healthy fresh food prepared right in the canteen,” the education department said.

Problems with cooks also arose in gymnasium 28 and in Kostroma school No. 1. The administration of the latter posted information about vacancies in social networks the day before.

“A school cafeteria requires a lot of workers, such as a cook. But they will be paid from 20 thousand rubles a month. The kitchen workers were a little less fortunate - they were promised from 14 thousand rubles a month. This is lower than that of the cleaning lady in the same educational institution and slightly higher than the subsistence level”, - reports Kostroma.Today.

Meanwhile, the average salary in the Kostroma region, according to the statistics department, is 34 thousand rubles.

The salary of a kitchen worker with a six-day working week is 560 rubles per day or 70 rubles per hour. At the same time, uneducated kitchen employees in network catering outlets receive at least 100 rubles per day or 150 rubles per hour.

The media report that a paradoxical situation has happened with the salaries of cooks in Kostroma: school kitchen workers in the regional center receive less than their colleagues in the districts of the region. The mayor's office promised to take action and raise the salaries of school chefs. However, judging by the vacancies posted, a decent salary in the school catering has not yet been achieved.