Posted 21 октября 2021,, 10:14

Published 21 октября 2021,, 10:14

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One hand washes another: Kazan police helped Dagestani fathers return their runaway daughters

21 октября 2021, 10:14
Two friends from Dagestan fled with a small child in their arms from home to get rid of beatings and humiliation in the family. With the help of volunteers, they ended up in Kazan, but two days later they were kidnapped from a safe house.

Two Dagestani girlfriends with a small child in their arms fled - one from a tyrant father, the other from a husband of the same kind, who beat and humiliated them. With the help of volunteers, the fugitives ended up in Kazan, but two days later they were kidnapped right from a secret shelter and taken home. Now the girls claim that everything is fine with them, - writes the Stavropol network edition NewsTracker

Friends Aishat Saygidhuseynova and Patimat Saygitova, as usual, recognized their husbands only at their own wedding - they were found by their parents. Well, after the wedding, humiliation began for one, Aishat, and beatings for the other, Patimat. Moreover, both of them are practically not educated, since in the Caucasus it is believed that women do not need it.

And last year they turned to journalist and human rights activist Svetlana Anokhina, with a request to help them escape and hide in order to start a normal life. True, Anokhina waited for several months, hoping that everything would return to normal, but the girls again and again asked her about it. And she developed a sophisticated escape plan with a change of transport and locations.

So on October 16, Aishat arrived with her 2-year-old daughter to visit Patimat in Khasavyurt, and then, going for a walk, the girls got into a taxi and drove towards Volgograd, where they were expected. They changed the car there, spent the night in the apartment that the volunteer found. There, the girls recorded a video stating that they left Dagestan of their own accord and asked them not to look for them, and sent him to the Internet reception of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. In the morning they took a taxi to Kazan.

However, father Aishat Aligadzhi Saygidhuseynov turned out to be a well-known theologian and preacher in Dagestan with his own YouTube channel. So influential that the Khasavyurt police officers almost immediately called the driver who was taking the girls to Volgograd and demanded an explanation.

And then the police call Anokhina, claiming that if the girls were offended in the family, they should not have run away, but simply reported to the police. And already on October 17, Father Aishat himself called Anokhina, saying that he had realized everything, and that his daughter could now safely return home. However, Anokhina did not believe him, and Aishat herself did not want to talk to him, saying:

“I don’t believe him. When my mother begged to take me away, he didn’t take it, he said I’ll take it later. When my husband said that, like, I downloaded Instagram to my phone, that I didn't smile at him, like I was walking all the time as a patient, my father said that it was all my fault, he said that here is your husband, die there next to him, endure for the sake of the child ... My dad is always against telephones, like women have to have a flashlight to call her husband and that's it. "

On October 18, volunteers put the girls in a shelter (a secret apartment or house where those hiding from persecution live, from the English "shelter, shelter" - editor's note) in Kazan and provide them with everything they need for the first days. In the crisis center "Mamin House" live mainly mothers with children who have escaped domestic violence or found themselves in a difficult situation. They promise to help the girls find work and a kindergarten for the child. They are hopeful and making plans for the future.

But a whole team is already traveling from Dagestan to Kazan to bring them home. And the police come to the crisis center ... Probably, they were identified when they went to the store - by CCTV cameras. But the volunteers asked them not to go out for the first time ... Although, perhaps, the girls themselves told someone from their relatives where they were, the volunteers were guessing.

Well, then they are simply stolen, so the assistants, having come to the shelter, found only half-eaten lunch and things thrown in a hurry. And then Aishat sends a video message, which says:

“I got what I wanted, I got divorced. Please, no journalists. I swear that daddy asked for forgiveness. Things are good. My father didn't even look at me rudely. For the first time in his life, he told me that he was wrong ... "

There is no doubt that it was recorded under pressure from relatives, and therefore the volunteers decided to involve journalists and the public in the case.

Kazan journalists went to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan, where they were told that they did not know anything about this case at all, and they had not seen any Dagestani girls. True, a little later, the police suddenly "remember" that colleagues from Dagestan gave the same orientation to the missing girls and the child, saying that they could have been recruited to be sent to Syria. That is why they detained the fugitives and gave them to trusted people. That is, the Kazan police actually legalized the abduction with the help of their official position, and this is already a criminal case.

In the meantime, Father Patimat, in an interview with one of the Russian publications, said that his daughter was at home, with her and with Aishat everything was in order, and the volunteers were powdering everyone's brains. He promised to gouge out their eyes even when they met ...

In the meantime, Kazan policemen refuse to comment on journalists, and they failed to contact Aishat's father.

“The situation with Aishat Saygidguseynova and Fatima Saygitova once again raised the issue of attitudes towards women in the North Caucasus. How many of those who have lived for years and do not see any solution and lumen. This is what is scary, this is what we need to fight against, ”said human rights activist Svetlana Anokhina.

So far, journalists do not know what actually happens to the fugitives returned home, but the head of the crisis center "Mamin's House" filed a complaint with the police about the abduction of the girls, which gives at least some hope that this story has not yet been completed ...