Posted 21 октября 2021,, 05:35

Published 21 октября 2021,, 05:35

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

The authorities supported the ban on surrogacy for citizens of other countries

The authorities supported the ban on surrogacy for citizens of other countries

21 октября 2021, 05:35
The Russian government issued a positive response to the draft law, according to which a ban should be introduced on the use of surrogacy programs by foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The review was posted in the database of the lower house the day before.

The authorities proposed to give the guardianship authorities the authority to keep track of surrogacy contracts and the authority "to monitor potential parents, including after the birth of children."

The initiative involves amending the Family Code, the law on health protection, acts of civil status and citizenship of the Russian Federation, which are associated with surrogate motherhood and the citizenship of children born to surrogate mothers.

According to the innovations, at least one of the future parents or a single woman who has used the surrogacy program in Russia must have Russian citizenship. In addition, biological parents will be recorded as official parents only with the consent of the surrogate mother carrying the child.

The authors of the bill indicate that at present the government is not able to fully track the fate of children born to surrogate mothers, since foreign parents register their birth at the consulate of their country.

Recall that an investigation is still underway on the high- profile case of trafficking in children from surrogate mothers in Moscow. The day before, six new episodes appeared in the case. A year ago, a criminal case was opened in the capital after five newborns were accidentally discovered in one of the city's apartments, presumably for families from China.