Posted 22 октября 2021,, 12:13

Published 22 октября 2021,, 12:13

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

"If necessary, we can punch in the eye!" Ambulance doctors published their code of honor

22 октября 2021, 12:13
A Code of Ambulance Workers has appeared on the Internet, which will help citizens understand the real rights and obligations of those on whose qualified actions our lives often depend.

Popular blogger Maxim "Provintsial" published on his page a code drawn up by ambulance workers, who are apparently tired of listening to the claims of Russian citizens against them. This document contains the answer to the claims, and therefore it will be especially useful to read it today, when the work of the ambulance is in the focus of public attention:

1. We do not serve you, but provide assistance, therefore all decisions are made only by us, not needing your advice, because if they could be useful, it would definitely not have come to calling us.

2. We work according to the standards of the Ministry of Health, which were not created by us.

3. We do not go to your call for a long time, but he waits for a long time at the control panel 03, because there are VERY few brigades, and therefore we often go alone.

4. There are few brigades because most of us have fulfilled your recommendation "do not like to work - quit".

5. We spend a lot of time filling out the papers created as a result of your own complaints, so now we have to write down every step we take by the minute, instead of going to the next call.

6. We will not be able to find your house if it is not numbered. And as long as we drive up and down the street with unnumbered houses, you will continue to suffer.

7. We SHOULD NOT wear shoe covers on a call, as indicated by the order of the Ministry of Health and simple common sense, because we are an emergency service and time is more important here than the cleanliness of your floors.

8. We are not obliged to carry a stretcher and we do it voluntarily. Or we may not do it. So take the trouble to help us in this matter or find helpers.

9. We are sick, dying, hungry, thirsty, needy to use the toilet, and tired. In other words, we are real people.

10. The Hippocratic Oath can not be given. Just read it at your leisure.

11. We are not psychics, so a call like “to see” or “to let the lungs listen” by itself will not lead to an improvement in the patient's condition.

12. When dealing with a sick person who has been called upon, we should not counsel your entire family about all of your illnesses in your entire life.

13. We do not prescribe treatment for the future, because we do not conduct further monitoring of the patient, so an attempt to use us instead of a polyclinic doctor is doomed to failure.

14. We are not responsible for the consequences of your self-medication, which you were engaged in under the motto "yes that these doctors understand" until you brought the matter to a disaster.

15. We are unable to save everyone, but we do everything we can and often more than this limit, and it is not our fault if this is still not enough.

16. We are not saints, we are not lightning rods for your nervous tension, therefore we can respond to insults in the same way, and in case of assault, we can give it to the eye.

17. We receive a salary NOT FROM YOUR TAXES, since half of you do not officially work, and the other half pays taxes so miserable that they won't even be enough for a nose drop, so forget this American phrase.

18. We are under no obligation to convince you that you must take care of your health. Think about this when you refuse hospitalization.

19. We are the only ones on whom your life depends in the first moment of helping.

20. We hardly hope that any of you will get at least something of the above, and we will be immensely grateful if you convince us in opposite.