Posted 25 октября 2021,, 19:57

Published 25 октября 2021,, 19:57

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Quick march into voluntary slavery! What is the threat to Muscovites of paying for travel by "face"

25 октября 2021, 19:57
The biometric data required for this technology will inevitably become public domain with all the ensuing consequences.
Moscow region

Journalist Vitaly Drobyshev drew attention to the tragicomic fact that directly affects all Muscovites today, and first of all, ardent fans of digitalization of everything and everyone. They were the ones who laughed at their fellow citizens, who expressed doubts about the innovation of the Moscow authorities - the passage in the metro using the Face Pay system (that is, by scanning the passenger's face), which began to operate in October this year.

To do this, you should upload your photo to a special application that will send it to a certain Unified Data Storage Center (UDSC) of the Moscow City Hall (In two years, by the way, this method of payment will become ubiquitous in Moscow transport).

Well, the joyful digital guardians began to load their selfies, calling the doubters "illiterate conspiracy theorists".

They did not take into account one thing: surveillance cameras in the capital's shopping centers will also be integrated with this UDSC...

This means that fans of digitalization will begin to be calculated and automatically fined if, say, they walk in front of the camera without a mask or with a mask down ...

Well, then you can do whatever you want. For example, do not let an anti-axer, or a protester, or... Anyone else on the subway!

And freeze his bank account, the banks also collect our selfies...

And there is a data leak, and everything connected with it, since in Russia it is the most common thing. It is also dangerous that bimetric parameters are given at birth for life, and once stolen, malefactors will use them until you die. Take out loans, sell real estate, blackmail, and so on. That is, we go into digital slavery joyfully and voluntarily!