Posted 25 октября 2021,, 20:57

Published 25 октября 2021,, 20:57

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"Time Machine" on a covid traction: uncomfortable thoughts from a patient with coronavirus

25 октября 2021, 20:57
Алина Витухновская
No matter how I distanced myself from the others, no matter how I wore masks, gloves, I still managed to get sick with COVID. Apparently, in a mild form.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

And if it were not for the global coronavirus pandemic, who knows, could we have seen and realized the scale of the mass unconscious, that viscous existential inertia disturbed by an invisible pathogen, which literally forced the entire Russian reality to so awkwardly retreat into the archaic?

People perceive difficult life trials as a kind of "punishment". They perceive global cataclysms as a manifestation of some kind of "evil will", "higher power" or "divine" punishment. They often think that one test will rid them of others. Being in an extreme situation, for example, having become ill with the same COVID, they are in a hurry to repent of their sins, to demonstrate their "goodness", to give up ambitions, striving for "life for the sake of life."

These are the costs of a religious, savage consciousness. And “life for life” is no better than the “fascism” that you always stigmatize. In essence, “life for the sake of life” (and not for the sake of the individual and his goals) is fascism. It's better to get sick alone. And to live well, and not anyhow.

In Russia, when you fall ill with COVID, you are largely affected by your rights.

1. You cannot choose your own treatment regimen. (If you are seriously ill).

2. You cannot have a CT scan for a fee. CT can only be done to you in a special state polyclinic, but then there is a great risk of involuntary hospitalization in a Soviet hospital.

Even such a phenomenon as pulling, which could still work in the USSR in favor of a particular citizen, now no longer works. Problems are not being solved, but only exacerbated by the systemic crisis of medicine. This does not apply to the managerial elite and part of the cultural servants. They have long been living the isolated life of a "state within a state".

In today's Russia, no matter how much money you have, you become a hostage to a pseudo-capitalist lever economy of the Sino-North Korean type. In the meantime, the so-called "opinion leaders" continue to voice the systemic agenda. So, Andrei Makarevich supported the idea of compulsory vaccination against coronavirus. He also believes that unvaccinated Russians should be treated for COVID-19 at their own expense.

This is a classic example of the partisan reasoning of the lured Soviet cultural service. Yes, and about "at their own expense." First, the state budget is citizens' money. And secondly, in fact, I want at my own, even personal expense, just not to get involved with free state medicine. But you also deprive me of this opportunity. So what a "Time Machine" you are, a bird of happiness, a samsar loop!

While all my strength is thrown into recovery. But still, I read the Facebook feed and am amazed at those romantic poets who, barely getting up from under the ventilator, run to presentations and try to compose something, literally squeeze out of themselves. Paraphrasing Adorno's commonplace and at the same time monstrously vulgar remark, it is worth asking the question: "Is it possible to write poetry after COVID?"

To be honest, I am amazed not only by authors who believe that it is during a pandemic that it is necessary to hold a presentation of a book or a literary evening, to authors who have barely come to their senses and are wondering whether they can write well, how they write in general.

Either it is coquetry, or getting stuck in the 19th and early 20th centuries. But in my opinion, the sick person should first of all think about restoring their own health, finances, appearance, finally. Yes, it turns out I'm not a creative person. And an absolutely indecent rationalist.

“The first digital population census in the history of the country has started in Russia. It will run from October 15 to November 14".

In the Russian sense, “digital census” means a pseudo-modern, ritual, infernal computer game replete with virtual, in the spirit of the times, “dead souls” after the COVID decline.

Indeed, Gogol is turning over in his grave. Covid dead souls are copied here with a mouse click. The purpose of this census is to make up for the deaths of COVID citizens (at least a million per year) in the form of artificial, impersonal zeros and statistical reporting units.

Meanwhile, Albats and Volkov dismantle Navalny's letter like the old party members Lenin's letter. A fashionable video blogger invites us to discuss a Soviet comedy with an obscene name "Shirley-Myrli", and director Bogomolov with a puffy face opens an "elite" "intellectual" club.

This is closed by the Brezhnev aspiration of Ksenia Sobchak and Anastasia Ivleyeva, the triumph of two anti-glamorous anti-blonde women. Here is a complete set of modern Russian post-informational psychopanorama. Toxic media belch with a persistent Soviet scent.