Posted 27 октября 2021, 13:46

Published 27 октября 2021, 13:46

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He turns everything inside out! Why teenagers are crazy about Morgenstern

27 октября 2021, 13:46
Анна Жучкова
The popular benchmark works very competently with the stereotypes of public consciousness

Anna Zhuchkova, literary critic

Morgenstern. And why is he so disliked? Golden dude! Our current everything:

  1. Works with a teenage audience. Well, after all, he did not come up with the idea that the world belongs to the young, he just successfully uses this conviction.
  2. He also successfully uses the stamps of the collective unconscious. Watch his videos - there are always the same symbolic pictures: money, gold, power, success. From these videos, we can study modern mythology. Where are the blue whales and urban legends. Here it is - in reality.
  3. To turn on the unconscious, you must turn off your consciousness. This is how he acts - indistinct diction and deliberately unintelligible texts.
  4. The clearly verbalized accents of these texts are as follows: 1). nafig you all and 2). suck. Well, what else can teenagers do?) That is why teenagers chant his texts. Although it would seem, what is there to listen to? But they listen and sing along. Very competent work with the audience.
  5. And also the rhythm. Oh, the visual rhythm and the musical rhythm are excellent. Ancient tam-tam, hypnotizing and giving the energy of participation.
  6. And most importantly, Morgenstern is a metamodernist. He's not pushing the agenda. He turns all slogans inside out: what he propagates, he overturns. So I want (teenagers) to guess what kind of person he is? Fall in love with him, a man...

A little earlier in literature, Zakhar Prilepin did the same. The only difference: he worked with stereotypes of public consciousness in the 2000s. But in absolutely the same way.

This is the secret of his success. And the solution to his fall - when he showed himself as a person, very few people liked this person.

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