Posted 28 октября 2021,, 13:18

Published 28 октября 2021,, 13:18

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Off with the law: Russian women are still not hired due to the employers' fear that they will give birth

Off with the law: Russian women are still not hired due to the employers' fear that they will give birth

28 октября 2021, 13:18
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Despite the current legislation, state organizations behave towards young women in the same way as they did in the Soviet Union.

Muscovite Tatyana Lepskaya faced, when trying to get a job in a state organization, with a clear and open violation of both the law and her rights, about which she wrote in a public dedicated to legal problems:

“When looking for a job I came across such an answer from a potential employer. I'm in shock.

I want to write to the labor inspectorate, because I believe that the employer (from the public sector) goes beyond what is permitted.

What can be done in such a situation? Is there any reason? It is very unpleasant to see that such an attitude towards women is flourishing in the 21st century.

I do not plan to work in this institution after what the potential employer wrote. But I believe that this cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to the public sector. I will forward the correspondence to the labor inspectorate and the rector of the university. I am sure the lady will not be fired, she clearly holds a position under someone's patronage, but I think it will not be superfluous. It is clear that there is ageism and gender discrimination, but for the first time in my life I see that the public sector behaved so fearlessly..."

In the comments to this post, the lawyers explained in detail what and how to do in this case. In short, Lepskaya's rights were indeed violated, since even the employer's questions about the applicant's marital status and the presence of children are already discriminatory. And the refusal of the organization to interview and hire a person with a certain marital status is blatant discrimination and a violation of the Labor Code.

But, apparently, this practice, which the citizens of the USSR still faced very often, will continue to flourish. Anyway, there was no shortage of descriptions of similar experiences in the comments:

- Nothing changes... forty years ago, they refused to hire me, a young specialist, because “you’re going to give birth to children”! Verbally, really... Braces!!!

- All my life I have been faced with this. At 20 - you will go on maternity leave, at 35 - you are already old . Nothing changes. The court is unlikely to help, the administrative department is the maximum, can it be better to try to attract journalists?

- Oh, I got a job here in school. Yeah. Their requirements are: that the category and so on. At the same time, they told me: we have three reasons not to take you. 1. Your child will be 4.5, he will constantly be ill (thanks for karkarking) 2. You are about to decide on a second, the clock is ticking. 3. You are 35 you already do not have that energy.

I am, of course, shocked.